Letters of Administration - The family of Captain Joseph Jewett of Rowley

I am indebted to James Pratt for supplying me with the following transcripts relating to the family of Captain Joseph and Ruth Jewett of Rowley. They represent a useful cross section of probate records at the time and include letters of administration as well as guardianship papers regarding their children

Capt. Joseph Jewett of Rowley, 1695.

Essex Probate No. 14,932, Book 305, Page 43

Joseph Jewett (1656 - 1695) was the son of the original Joseph Jowett (Jewett) of Rowley and had married Ruth Wood who mothered nine children by him.

Essex, sc. By the Honable Bartho Gedney Esqr Judge for probate of wills & Granting of Letters of administraion wthin sd County. March ye VIth 1695. Administraion of all & singular his goods, chattels rights & [illegible] of Capt Joseph Jewett granted unto Ruth Jewitt relict widow of ye decd She having given bond wth suretys for her admincion according to Law to exhibit an Inventory the first Monday in May and to render an account the last munday in March 1696.

Ruth Jewett et al., minors, of Rowley

Essex Probate No. 14,971, Book 305, Page 252

Ruth Jewett, nee Wood (1662 - 1734) was the widow of the above Capt. Joseph Jewett and remarried in 1696 to John Lunt of Newbury. In 1697 she was granted guardianship of all those five surviving children of hers by Joseph who were still under the age of 14. In all she had nine children by Joseph. For some reason Sarah Jewett, born 1689, is not named.

Essex, sc. By the Honable Bartho Gedney Esqr Judge for probate of wills &ca for said County Aprill the 15th 1697. Commission of guardianship granted unto Ruth Jewett alias Lunt on the Estate or portions of Elizabeth Jewett Joseph Jewett Priscilla Jewett Johannah Jewett & Joshua Jewett all minors under the age of fourteen years Children of Capt Joseph Jewett late of Rowley decd and of the said Ruth Jewett now Lunt as aforesd She having given bond with suretise for a faithfull discharge of the trust committed to her according to Law.

Joseph Jewett, minor, of Rowley, 1706

Essex Probate No. 14,933, Book 308, Page 452

Joseph was the fifth child and eldest surviving son of Capt. Joseph and Ruth Jewett (their second child Joshua having died in 1694 at the age of 11). At the age of 18 he appointed his uncle Josiah Wood (brother of his mother Ruth) to manage his estate for the remainder of his minority.

Know all men by these presents that I Joseph Jewett of Rowly son of Capt Joseph Jewett late of Rowly aforesd in ye province of ye province [sic] of Massachtts Bay in New England in ye County of Essex in sd province, decd intestate, being a minor upwards of fourteen years of age have nominated chosen deputed & appointed & doe by these presents nominate chuse depute & appoint my loving uncle Josiah Wood of ye town & couty aforesd in hold or to be gaurdian for mee & in my name & to my use Benefitt & Behoof to ask demand sue for Recover Receive & take into his hands custody & possession all ye part or portion of Estate left me by my sd father Capt Joseph Jewett Decd or any other way accruing Redounding or belonging to me and to manage employ & improve ye same for ye good duration Benifitt & advantage of mee During my Minority -- and to doe all & to Doe all & wh soever may be necessary in & about ye premises as fully & effectually to all Intents & purposes as I might myself doe being of full age & Day praying that he may be accepted & allowed in ye same Care power & right.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale this fourteenth day of January Anno Do 1705/6 Annoque R Rae Annae Angliae &c Quarto.

[signed] Joseph Jewett & a Seale

signed sealed & delivered in ye presence of us John Clarke Daniel Rogers, Regr

acknowledged before John Appleton Esq. judge of probate January ye 14th 1705/6

Elizabeth Jewett of Rowley, 1713.

Essex Probate No. 14,888, Book 311, Page 77

Elizabeth Jewett (1685 - 1713) was the daughter of Captain Joseph Jewett and Ruth Jewett (nee Wood). She did not marry

Essex, ss. Ipswich, January ye 11 anno Do. 1713.

Letter att Large of admin on all ye Goods & Estate of Elizabeth Jewett singlewoman late of Rowley Decd Intestate Was granted unto her brother Joseph Jewett of Rowly aforesd he having given bond to adminr according to Law. To which an Inventory & Lands an account of administration before ye first Monday in Aprill [illegible]. Danl Rogers, Regr John Appleton

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