William and Benjamin Jowett - car makers of Bradford

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William Jowett (left) and Benjamin Jowett, car makers of Bradford.
(Thanks to Ed Nankivell for the Pictures)

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William and Benjamin Jowett, car makers of Bradford, will probably be more familiar to the less learned of us! William and Benjamin were born in Bradford in 1877 and 1880 respectively, sons of Wifred Jowett, a milk dealer, and his wife Sarah. In 1881 the four of them were living in Girlington Road, Girlington, Bradford. Wilfred later became a "Gas engine maker and General Engineer" and in all he and Sarah had five children, one of whom - Joseph - died an infant. The other two were daughters - Ruth and Beatrice. Sarah died when the children were still young so the children were brought up by Ruth who, with the two boys, formed the Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company in 1901. Their first car was completed in 1906 and about 48 had been produced by 1916 when the factory was switched to war work. The factory in Idle started production in 1921 with Walter Jowett - cousin of William and Benjamin - as managing director.


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