Colonel David Jewitt - American Naval Hero

david.gif (76394 bytes) Whilst the brave British soldiers were busy recapturing the Falkland Isles in 1982, were you aware that it was Colonel David (aka Daniel) Jewitt, sailing on the Heroina with a convict crew  from Buenos Aires, who took possession of the Islands from the British for the embyonic Argentine Republic in 1820? David features in FCJ's genealogy [#1715], born 17 June 1772 in New London, Conn., son of David H Jewett and 3x great Grandson of Joseph Jewett of Rowley. A physically powerful and imposing man, he received his commission with the American Navy at the age of 19. In the French War of 1798 he was captain of the 24 gunner Trumbell. In 1801 he joined the Buenos Ayrean government and served them until Independance was established. It was during this time that he made the 8 month sail to the Malvinas to take "formal and solemn posession" of the Islands on behalf of his employers. His frigate was dilapidated and he had lost 80 out of his crew of 200 to scurvy. He found a motley collection of English and American Whaling or Sealing vessels in the harbours at and around Puerto la Soledad. On 9 November 1820 he ran up the Republic flag, fired a 21 gun salute and claimed the Islands for the Republic but was able to exercicse little or no control over the rugged local community and later returned to Buenos Ayres empty handed. He later served with the Brazilian Navy and died in Rio de Janeiro in July 1842. He had married Mrs Eliza Mc Tiers, daughter of Alderman Augustine H Lawrence of New York in 1827 and had one son - Augustine David Lawrence (born 12 Jan 1830) who married Elizabeth Dickinson.


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