Inventory of Ezekiel Jewett of Rowley 1723.

Ezekiel Jewett was the eldest son of Maximilian Jewett, born in Rowley January 5th 1643 to Maximilian and his first wife Ann. Ezekiel succeeded his father as deacon of Rowley, being ordained on October 24 1686, serving until his death on September 2 1723.

His will, dated 16 Feb 1722/3 mentions "my now wife" and a marriage contract; son Francis to have "my Bradford land"; son Thomas "my Boxford land"; sons Maximilian, Nathaniel, Stephen; daughters Sarah Bailey and Elizabeth Nelson.

An Inventory of the moveable estate of Mr Ezekiel Jewitt, late of Rowley, as taken by the subscribers hereof ye 11th Nov 1723

Wareing Apperill 10.05s, Bills of Credit 26.5/4d Silver Money 31/8d


Bed Furniture 15.6s, Sheets, Napkins + Table Cloths 85/, wooden ware 115/

25.6.6 *

Earthenware 6s7d, 2 Gunns 40s, Iron Ware Potts 74s, Brass 92s


Puter 51/ 8d, Wooden Ware 13/, Sadle, Pillion and Boots 47/, Glasier (?) 5/6d


Butter, Cheese, Pork 61/11, Wooll, flax, (?) 18/3, Corn 8/6, Sheep and Swine 19.8



Nathaniel Jewitt )


Stephen Jewitt   )

Timothy Dobson )

Appr. Sworn by ye Judge of Pro. D Appleton

Nathel Migshull )

Judith Trumball )

Essex, Ipswich Decbr 23 1723. Before the honble John Appleton esq. Judge of the Probate of wills etc. then Nathel Jewett and Stephen Jewett appr. and made oath of the above was a true and perfect Inventory of all ye personall estate of their father Ezekiel Jewett late of Rowley decd. to the best of their knowledge as to and to add wt might further appear sworn attent. Danel Appleton esq.

Nathel and Stephen Jewett exec. To ye last will and testament of Ezekiel Jewett of Rowley decd. their accot of executorship on sd estate exhibited to the honble John Appleton esq. Judge of the probate of wills 23rd December 1723.

The sd estate is Creditt by personall estate as per inventory


By Cash recd

. 7 .

104. 1.11

The sd estate is debit with
To funerall expenses 10.18.9, Francis Crompton 25/7, bolls (?) 13/6 12.17.10
James Parker 2/6, John Bridges 1/2d 3.8
Proving of Will, swearing of appraisers, approving estate etc. 1.15.-
Sundry charges 15s, Allow. of executors for their trouble 1. 4
Creditt 104. 1.11
Debit 16.15.6
87. 6 .5

By ye honourable John Appleton esq. Judge of ye probate of wills etc. Nathel Jewitt and Stephen Jewitt esq to ye last will and testament of their father Ezekiel Jewitt made exec. Of ye above was a just and true acct of their executorship and estate

Sworn attest. Danel Appleton Reqst

* I make it 25.6.0!

With thanks to Angela Peterson for supplying the original copy. Transcribed and Copyright S D Jowitt Dec 2001.

Copyright S D Jowitt