Listed here is a miscellaneous collection of references to Jowetts and many variants of the name from down the ages. Many of the early variants no longer exist. If you come across any others references from any source whatsoever please let me know.


Some examples of Jowett as a first name
Miscellaneous Early Records (pre 1600)
Wakefield Court Rolls 1338-40
West Riding Poll Tax 1379
Bradford and District Muster Roll 1539
Bradford and District Subsidy Roll 1545
Bradford Inquisition 1577
Bradford Inquisition 1612
Survey of Bradford 1638
Bradford and District Assessment of Land 1692/3
Bradford and District Land Tax 1704
Miscellaneous Records 1600 - 1900

North America

Jewett Freeholders of Rowley 1677

Killed in Action

The family of Joseph and Margaret Jowitt of Leeds
World War 1

Some examples of Jowett as a first name

Date Given name Surname Place Notes
12000000 Juheta (none) Lincolnshire "Joheta, vidua". Curia Regis Rolls
12010000 Juetta (none) Lincolnshire Curia Regis Rolls
12010000 Juetta (none) Leicestershire Curia Regis Rolls
12010000 Juetta (none) Norfolk Curia Regis Rolls
12120000 Juetta (none) Locton, Lincolnshire Curia Regis Rolls. "Juetta de Locton", also referred to as Juliana in the same source.
12190000 Joetta (none) Yorkshire assize roll
12270000 Juwete (none) Staffordshire Staffordshire Assize Rolls
13290000 Juhota (none) Warwickshire Warwickshire Deeds
14380000 Jowett Barton York Guild of Corpus Christi, York
17040701 Jewitt Hill Howden "Jewitt son to Ann Hill, Skelton, bapt. at Howden 1 Jul 1704"
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Miscellaneous Jowett records pre 1600

Date Given name Surname Place Notes
12740000 Thomas (none) Thorpe Arch Thomas son of Jowet, Yorks Inquisitions
12790000 William Juet Huntingdonshire Hundred Rolls, Huntingdonshire
12970000 Robert Iuwet Cornwall Ministers accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall
12990000 William Jouet Staffordshire Staffordshire Assize Rolls
13000000 Richard Jouot Staffordshire Staffordshire Assize Rolls
13150000 Adam (none) Son of Jouuet, Wakefield Court Rolls
13270000 Robert Jouet Somerset Exchequer Lay Subsidy, Somerset. Year 1 Edw III
13420000 Thomas (none) Son of Juliana, Bradford Manorial Extent
13890000 William Jowet Thornton "A land grant by Margery, daughter of Hugh de Alderscholes to William Thompson of Thornton, William Jowet and others of her lands and property in Alderscholes and Headley". Yorkshire Deeds
13930000 Robert Jouett Barnby Spencer Stanhope MSS 4/11/9/25
14120000 William Jowet Thornton "William Jowet holds land in severality in Thornton", Bradford Court Rolls
14140000 William Jowet "William Jowet called to answer for 'diverse trespasses' ", Bradford Court Rolls
14200000 John Jowet Thornton "1420/1, John Jowet witnessed a release by the Levenhope family of their rights in 5.5 acres in the 'menefield' in Thornton to Richard Symeson"Yorkshire Deeds
14390000 John Jouett Barnsley "John Jowet 'of Barnsley' witnessed a grant of lands in Shibden". As this grant was given by Richard Symeson - the recipient of the 1420/1 release - it seems clear that this Barnsley Jouett was connected with the Bradford family. Yorkshire Deeds
14580000 Lawrence Jewet Huntingdonshire Feet of Fines, Huntingdonshire
14860708 Henry Jewet Windsor Forest "July 8 1846, Grant for life to Henry Jewet of the offices of one of the foresters of Windsor Forest, called the "ryding forester", and parker of sunnynghill, within Windsor Forest, with wages of 3d per day as forester, 4d per day as parker, out of the issues of Windsor Castle, the wages to date from 22 August last"
14880000 Isab Jewitt York Register of the Guild of the Corpus Christi in the City of York, Extracted by University of York
14880000 Thomas Jewitt York Register of the Guild of the Corpus Christi in the City of York, Extracted by University of York
14950000 John Jowett Clayton John Jowett of Cockin in Clayton mentioned in a Bradford Will (published in a volume by the Antiquarian Soc.)
15240000 Thomas Jowett Heaton "Thomas Jowett of Heaton, taxed on goods valued at 40s 12d". Subsidy Roll
15250000 Richard Jowett Eccleshill "Richard Jowett, constable of Eccleshill, Bradford". Wakefield Court Rolls
15590000 Adam Jowett Birstall "Present in pr"
15840000 Edward Jowytt Thorpe "Edward Jowytt holdeth for tearme of his life one messuage in Thorpe after the death of Roger". Survey of the Manor of Idle nr Bradford, BAS
15850000 John Jewett Little Ribstone Yorkshire Fines
15880000 Tristram Jewett Horton "1588-97, Tristram Jowett of Horton witnessed several deeds" West Yorkshire Deeds
15930000 William Jewett Bradford "William Jewett involved in a land transaction in Bradford". Yorkshire Fines
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Miscellaneous records 1600 - 1900
Date Given name Surname of Place Notes
16000408 Willia' Jewett Bradford The mark of William Jewett, Church Warden and Caleb Kempe, vicar, signed the page of the parish register
16040614 Grace Jowett Clayton Clayton "A bastard child of Grace Jowett of Clayton, murthered"
16130000 Ric. Jowett Bradford Ric. Jowett, church warden, signed the parish register with vicar Callub (sic) Kempe
16130500 Ricd Jowett Bradford Church Warden
16191019 Henry Jowett Bradford Bradford "Gabriel Hall stabbed by Henry Jowett of Bradford"
16831004 John Jowett Manningham Manningham DISSENTERS FROM CHURCH, OCTOBER 4TH, 1683. Maningham.-John Jowett of Breck Lane
17910826 Benjamin Jowitt Leeds Leeds Inherited lands of William Banks. qv for full details
17911018 Job Jowitt Norfolk Norfolk Convict on the third Australian fleet, convicted Norfolk
17911018 William Jowett York York Convict on the third Australian fleet, convicted York
17920210 John Jowett Manningham Manningham Lodge Inherited lands of John Turner. qv for full details
18090321 John Jewell Harewood Witness at the wedding of John Thompson and Hannah Smith
18091224 Benjamin Jowitt Rothwell Witness at the wedding of John Sykes and Esther Taylor. Other witness was Thomas Johnson
18120714 Elizabeth Jewell Harewood Witness at the wedding of John Kay and Elizabeth Read
18530000 James Jowett Wadsworth Township Mytholmroyd Pigotts 1853: "Boot & Shoemakers", Wadsworth Township
18530000 Joseph Jowett Thornhill Bridge Hipperholme-cum Brighouse Pigotts 1853: "Inns and Taverns" - Martin's Nest, Thornhill Bridge
18530000 William Jowett Hipperholme-cum Brighouse Hipperholme-cum Brighouse Pigotts 1853: Farmer

Jewett Freeholders of Rowley 1677

Date Common name Surname of Notes
16770128 Abraham Jewitt Rowley One free hold.
16770128 Deacon Jewett Rowley Two free holds. I presume this is Maximillian?
16770128 Ezekiel Jewett Rowley Two free holds.
16770128 Isaac Jewitt Ipswich "To Isaac Jewitt & Jos Fisk of Ips. bot." One free hold.
16770128 Joseph Jewett Rowley One free hold.
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