Jowett records in Birstall 1687 - 1724

These records have been extracted from the transcript of the Birstall records for the period 1687 - 1724 published by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society in YPRS/64 (1999).

c=christening, m=marriage, i=burial

Date Event Place Given name (s) Common name Surname Parents/Spouse of Notes
16870505 i Birstall Nathaniell Nathaniel Jawett Liversedge Hall
16920308 i Birstall Elizabeth Elizabeth Jauwett Birstall 1691/2. Widow
16960601 m Birstall Mary Mary Jowitt William Lambard
17010618 i Birstall Mary Mary Jowitt Birkenshaw Mary wife of Joshua Jowitt of Birkenshaw
17041122 m Birstall William William Jowitt Mary Morton Mires
17050707 m Bradford Jonathan Jonathan Jowitt Ann Birkby Bradford Jonathan Jowitt of Bradford and Ann Birkby of Birstall
17051028 c Birstall John John Jowet William Jowet Mires
17080411 c Birstall William William Jowitt William Jowitt Mires
17090216 m Birstall Benjamin Benjamin Jowitt Sarah Hirst Bradford 1708/09
17110311 c Birstall Martha Martha Jowitt William Jowitt Liversedge Hall 1710/11
17161216 c Birstall David David Jowitt William Jowitt Robertown
17220212 i Birstall Joshua Joshua Jowitt Birkenshaw 1721/2
17240308 c Birstall John John Jowitt Robert Jowitt Littletown 1723/4
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