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Early Jowett Baptisms at Bradford Cathedral
1671 - 1680

This data was extracted from the microfiche copy of the original parish records for Bradford Cathedral which are available at the West Yorkshire Archives Service in Leeds and in Bradford (ref WYAS/40D90). They include all baptisms for Jowett and variants for the period 1671 - 1680.

Please note that the manuscripts are recordered in secretary hand and there is some damage, so almost certainly some data is missed.

I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

Date Given name (s) Common name Surname Parents of Notes
16710205 John John Jowett Daniel Jowett Bradford 1670/1. Daniell Jowett of Bradford
16710514 Sarah Sarah Jowett John Jowett Bowling John Jowett of Bowlinge
16710827 Hannah Hannah Jowett William Jowett Horton William Jowett of Horton
16720818 Dorothy Dorothy Jowett Abraham Jowett Heaton Abraham Jowett of Heaton
16721213 Samuel Samuel Jowett John Jowett Heaton John Jowett of Heaton
16730309 Susanah Susannah Jowet Daniel Jowet Bradford 1672/3. Daniel Jowet of Bradford
16730419 William William Jowett James Jowett Eccleshall James Jowett of Eccleshall
16730420 Mary Mary Jowett Jonas Jowett Bradford Jonas Jowett of Bradford
16730423 Abraham Abaham Jowett Jonas Jowett Allerton Jonas Jowett of (Allerton?)
16740712 Jonathan Jonathan Jowett Jonas Jowett Thornton Jonas Jowett of Thornton
16740913 William William Jowett Jonas Jowett Manningham Jonas Jowett of Manningham
16741211 John John Jowett John Jowett Heaton John Jowett of Heaton
16750124 John John Jowett Jonas Jowett Thornton 1674/5. Jonas Jowett of Thornton
16750606 John John Jowet Matthew Jowet Horton Matthew Jowet of Horton
16750912 Peter Peter Jowet Jonas Jowet Thornton Jonas Jowet of Thornton
16760213 Sarah Sarah Jowet John Jowet Clayton 1675/6. John Jowet of Clayton
16771125 Ann Ann Jowet Daniel Jowet Bradford Daniel Jowet of Bradford
16780721 Mary Mary Jowet John Jowet Bowling John Jowet of Bowling
16790518 Mary Mary Jowitt Abraham Jowitt Heaton Abr. Jowitt of Heaton
16800411 Beatrix Beatrice Jowett Daniel Jowett Bradford Daniell Jowett of Bradford
16800613 Benjamin Benjamin Jowett James Jowett Guiseley James Jowett late of the parish of Guiseley
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