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Jowett Marriages at Bradford Cathedral
1596 - 1624

This data was extracted from the microfiche copy of the original parish records for Bradford Cathedral which are available at the West Yorkshire Archives Service in Leeds and in Bradford (ref WYAS/40D90). They include all marriages for Jowett and variants for the period up to 1624.

Please note that the manuscripts are recordered in varying qualities of handwriting and there is some damage, so almost certainly some data is missed.

I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

Date Given name (s) Common name Surname Spouse of Notes
15960818 James James Jowett Jennett Oxley
15981218 Anne Ann Jowet Michael Watson
15981229 Thomas Thomas Jowet Issabell Firth
15990730 Percevall Percival Jowett Anne Kellett
15991016 Sara Sarah Jowett John Fearneley
15991023 Effam Effam Jowett Thomas Marshall
15991023 Rosamonde Rosamund Jowett Edwarde Watson
16000915 Anne Ann Jowett Edward Hayley
16001009 John John Jowett Elizabeth Mortimer
16001111 Thomas Thomas Jowett Ann Walker lic.
16001117 John John Jowett Issabell Tempest
16010519 William William Jowett Dorathie Wilson
16010713 Grace Grace Jowett John Dobson
16010721 William William Jowett Frances Rawson
16010922 Margaret Margaret Jowett John Walker
16020720 John John Jowett Effam Machon
16030829 Thomas Thomas Jowett Dorothy Appleyard
16031107 Richard Richard Jowett Elizabeth Hopkinson
16041001 Edward Edward Jowett Mary Taylor
16050708 Abraham Abraham Jowett Mercie Swayne
16050826 John John Jowett Susan Hollyns
16051203 James James Jowett Marie Pollarde
16060506 Issabel Isobel Jowett Simeon Bower
16060728 James James Jewet Elizabeth Waddington
16060915 Anne Ann Jowett Tristram Thornton
16061201 William William Jowett Issabel Pearson
16061222 John John Jowett Margarett Kellett
16070126 Thomas Thomas Jowet Jane Hawkehead 26 Jan 1606/7
16070512 Edward Edward Jowett Alice Hopkinson
16070602 Abraham Abraham Jowett Dorothy Bradford
16070622 William William Jowett Ellen Katterson Ellen Patterson?
16080201 John John Jewitt Anne Boothman 1 Feb 1607/8
16080614 Issabell Isobel Jewett William Jewett Is this the Isabel Pearson who married William Jowett at Bradford 16061201?
16080614 William William Jewett Issabell Jewett
16080725 Samuell Samuel Jowett Issabell Stringer
16091205 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jewett James Earnsome
16100206 Edward Edward Jewet Alice Mawde 6 Feb 1609/10
16110429 Mary Mary Jowett Richard Robertshaw
16110723 Rosamond Rosamund Jowitt Richard Wilson
16111216 Edward Edward Jowett Grace Morley
16120324 Mary Mary Jowett Michael Jowett 24 Mar 1611/12
16120324 Michael Michael Jowett Mary Jowett 24 Mar 1611/12
16120622 Richard Richard Jowett Franncess Pickard
16120816 William William Jowett Prudence Bairstowe
16121212 Anne Ann Jowett John Waterhouse
16130620 John John Jowett Issabell Illingworth
16130913 Grace Grace Jowett Michael Priestley
16131109 Anne Ann Jowett Richard Mashter
16140301 Robert Robert Jowett Ellen Stead
16150808 Ellen Ellen Jowett Thomas Bayne
16151016 Issabell Isobel Jowett Robert Thorneton
16151219 Peter Peter Jowett Susan Harrison
16160102 James James Jowett Grace Wright
16160105 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett John Smallpage 5 Jan 1615/6
16160807 Mary Mary Jowett William Lister Lic.
16170114 John John Jowett Effam Naylor 14 Jan 1616/7
16170422 Richard Richard Jowett Dorothy Fyrth
16170616 Grace Grace Jowett Richard Whitehead
16170921 Richard Richard Jowett Mary Waterhous
16170923 Jane Jane Jowett George Marshall
16180216 Grace Grace Jowett Jonas Verlay 16 Feb 1617/8
16180428 John John Jowett Margaret Townend
16180609 Grace Grace Jowett Richard Ogden
16180618 Thomas Thomas Jowett Anne Northend Lic.
16180622 Sara Sarah Jowett Edward Rishworth
16181027 John John Jowett Grace Craven
16190202 Sarah Sarah Jowett Jonas Robertshay 2 Feb 1618/9
16191019 Sarah Sarah Jowett Miles West
16200228 Mary Mary Jowett John Brodely 28 Feb 1619/20
16200911 Margaret Margaret Jowet Richard Jowet
16200911 Richard Richard Jowet Margaret Jowet
16210213 William William Jowett Grace Hargraves 13 Feb 1620/1
16210424 Grace Grace Jowett Thomas Sharpe
16210505 Sara Sarah Jowett Thomas Hollins
16210514 Sara Sarah Jowett Christopher Pickard
16210529 Susan Susan Jowett Robert Whittakers
16210604 Mary Mary Jowett John Steade
16210605 John John Jowett Hester Illingworth
16210613 Richard Richard Jowett Grace Mortimer
16210709 James James Jowett Marie Mitchell
16210710 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett Steven Hollinoake
16210716 Abraham Abraham Jowett Mary Gleadhill
16220423 John John Jowett Marie Rowlinson
16220521 Alice Alice Jowett William Jowett
16220521 Anne Ann Jowett William Aldersley
16220521 William William Jowett Alice Jowett
16221109 Sara Sarah Jowett Thomas Hill
16230629 William William Jowett Grace Sharpe
16231112 Nathaniel Nathaniel Jowett Marie Kitchen
16231203 Richard Richard Jowett Issabel Kighley
16240407 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett Christopher Foster
16240428 Susan Susan Jowett Abraham Midgley
16241221 Alice Alice Jowett Abraham Machon

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