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Jowett Marriages at Bradford Cathedral
1701 - 1725

This data was extracted from the microfiche copy of the original parish records for Bradford Cathedral which are available at the West Yorkshire Archives Service in Leeds and in Bradford (ref WYAS/40D90). They include all marriages for Jowett and variants for the period.

Please note that the manuscripts are recordered in varying qualities of handwriting and there is some damage, so almost certainly some data is missed.

I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

Date Given name (s) Common name Surname Spouse of Notes
17010302 Sarah Sarah Jowett William Midgley Thornton 2 Mar 1701/2
17011020 Sarah Sarah Jowet David Gleadhill Thornton per certificate
17020519 Sarah Sarah Jowet John Rhead Bradford
17030121 James James Jowet Agnes Brooke Haworth 21 Jan 1702/3
17030513 Mary Mary Jowet William Issot Heaton
17030610 Jonathan Jonathan Jowet Martha Bartlet Wilsden
17030622 Joshua Joshua Jowet Martha Fletcher Thornton
17030713 Ezra Ezra Jowet Martha Rhodes Clayton
17030801 Archelaus Archelaus Jowet Mary Burnley Clayton
17030818 Rebekah Rebecca Jowet Thomas Smith Bradford
17041024 Deborah Deborah Jowet John Mawd Bradford
17050707 Jonathan Jonathan Jowitt Ann Birkby Bradford Jonathan Jowitt of Bradford and Ann Birkby of Birstall
17060516 Cornelious Cornelius Jowett Susanna Jowett Thornton
17070708 Isaac Isaac Jowett Sarah Fletcher Thornton "d' of Thornton"
17090202 Sarah Sarah Jowett Jere Booth Manningham 1708/9
17090206 Benjamin Benjamin Jowett Sarah Hirst Bradford 1708/9. Both of this parish
17090615 Jeremiah Jeremiah Jowett Elizabeth Brigge Wilsden
17090716 James James Jowett Rachell Tomis Halifax
17100511 Joshua Joshua Jowett Lydia Bairstow Wibsey
17110201 Hannah Hannah Jowett Ezra Drake Thornton 1710/11
17110211 Joshua Joshua Jowett Judith Shay Thornton 1710/11
17110420 John John Jowett Mary Wright Thornton
17110501 Martha Martha Jowett John Forster Thornton
17110621 Timothy Timothy Jowett Sarah Rhoods Bowling
17130514 Mary Mary Jowett Moses Hardy Allerton Moses Hardy, mason; Mary Jowett, spinster
17140801 Isaac Isaac Jowett Martha Midgley Heaton Isaac Jowett, labourer; Martha Midgley, spinster
17150612 Susan Susan Jowett Charles Aithroyd Thornton Charles Aithroyd, labourer; Susan Jowett, spinster
17161025 Mary Mary Jowett Benjamin Foster Thornton Benjamin Foster, mason; Mary Jowett, widow
17170824 John John Jowett Ann Ark Eccleshill John Jowett, cobler; Ann Ark, spinster
17171114 Mary Mary Jowett Joseph Horton (Morton?) Eccleshill Joseph Horton, labourer; Mary Jowett, spinster
17171223 Mary Mary Jowet Emanuel Hodgson Bradford Emanuel of parish of Calverly; Mary Jowet of this parish
17190614 Mary Mary Jowett Joseph Hodgson Thornton Joseph Hodgson, labourer; Mary Jowett, spinster
17190618 Benjamin Benjamin Jowett Mary Pearson ? Benjamin Jowett, mason; Mary Pearson, widow
17200526 Sarah Sarah Jowett Joshua Craven Thornton Joshua Craven, labourer; Sarah Jowett, spinster
17220204 Alice Alice Jowet Thomas Mortimer Clayton 1721/2. Thomas Mortimer, yeoman
17230809 John John Jowet Lydia Jowet Thornton John Jowet, labourer; Lydia Jowett, spinster
17230809 Lydia Lydia Jowet John Jowet Thornton John Jowet, labourer; Lydia Jowett, spinster
17230817 Jonas Jonas Jowet Mary Flather Great Horton Jonas Jowet, mason
17230929 Jonas Jonas Jowet Sarah Hardy Thornton Jonas Jowet, labourer
17240510 Susan Susan Jowet Robert Thompson Little Horton
17241004 Martha Martha Jowet John Bates Eccleshill John Bates of Hallifax
17241013 David David Jowet Hannah Wilkinson Manningham
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