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Jowett Marriages at Bradford Cathedral
1726 - 1750

This data was extracted from the microfiche copy of the original parish records for Bradford Cathedral which are available at the West Yorkshire Archives Service in Leeds and in Bradford (ref WYAS/40D90). They include all marriages for Jowett and variants for the period.

Please note that the manuscripts are recordered in varying qualities of handwriting and there is some damage, so almost certainly some data is missed.

I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

Date Given name (s) Common name Surname Spouse of Notes
17260222 Barbara Barbara Jowet John Brigg Allerton 1725/6. John Brigg, comber
17260411 Benjamin Benjamin Jowet Judith Wood Manningham Benjamin Jowet, comber.
17260714 Hana Hannah Jowet Joseph Cordingley Heaton Joseph Cordingly, labourer
17271226 Sara Sarah Jowet Joshua Clayton Manningham Joshua Clayton, comber
17280201 Hana Hannah Jowet Peter Jowet Thornton 1728/9. Peter Jowet, labourer
17280201 Peter Peter Jowet Hannah Jowet Thornton 1728/9. Peter Jowet, labourer
17290619 Hana Hannah Jowet John Wilman Clayton John Wilman, labourer
17290619 John John Jowett Elizabeth Holmes Haworth John Jowett, labourer
17300611 John John Jowet Hannah Stead Bradford John Jowet of this parish and Hana Stead parish d'Birstall
17300720 Jacob Jacob Jowett Alice Garforth Manningham Jacob Jowett, labourer
17300916 Heal? ? Jowet Sarah Midgley Clayton
17310330 Nathan Nathan Jowet Mary Booth Eccleshill Nathan Jowet junior
17330131 Johanna Joanna Jowet Phillip Heypond Bradford 1732/3. Phillip Hey (-pond?) of Otley and Johanna Jowett of this parish
17330703 Mary Mary Jowet David Wade Wilsden David Wade, shallowman; Mary Jowet, spinster
17330925 Martha Martha Jowet John Higgin Allerton John Higgin, comber; Marth Jowet, spinster
17340613 Susanna Susannah Jowet Robert Craven Haworth Robert Craven, weaver; Susanna Jowet, spinster
17341020 Jero? Jowet Mary Cuddington Wilsden Jerem.? John?, Weaver; Mary Cuddington, spinster.
17350217 Mary Mary Jowet James Firth 1734/5. James Firth of Bingley
17350218 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowet William Sutcliffe Haworth 1734/5. Elizabeth Jowet, spinster.
17350600 Mary Mary Jowit David Smithies Clayton David Smithies, labourer
17350831 Hannah Hannah Jowit Isaac Denby Wilsden Isaac Denby, comber; Hannah Jowit, spinster
17351123 Ann Ann Jowit Marmaduke Holmes Bradford Marmaduke Holmes of the parish of Sawley; Ann Jowit of this parish of Bradford
17351228 Mary Mary Jowit Jonas Wilkinson Clayton Jonas Wilkinson, weaver; Mary Jowit, spinster
17360919 Mary Mary Jowit Timothy Wood Allerton Timothy Wood, cordwainer; Mary Jowit, spinster
17370322 Jeremy Jeremy Jowit Sarah Hardy Thornton 1736/7. Jeremy Jowit, weaver; Sarah Hardy, spinster
17370513 Mary Mary Jowit John Waterhouse Bradford John Waterhouse, mason; Mary Jowit, spinster
17380522 Israel Israel Jowit Mary Acroid Clayton
17380604 Jonas Jonas Jowit Martha Smith Wibsey
17380820 Abel Abel Jowit Grace Jagger Clayton Abel Jowit, weaver; Grace Jagger, spinster
17390424 Sarah Sarah Jowit George Langwith Manningham
17400417 Mary Mary Jowit William Wilkinson Thornton
17400421 William William Jowit Sarah Whitehead Calverley William Jowit of parish of Calverley; Sarah Whitehead of this parish
17411108 Susanna Susannah Jowit John Smith Bradford John Smith of the parish of Calverley; Susanna Jowit of this parish
17420419 Abraham Abraham Jowett Anne Smith Wibsey
17421013 Mary Mary Jowet Abraham Binns Bradford Abraham Binns of parish of Otley; Mary Jowet of this parish
17421118 Joseph Joseph Jowet [illegible] Thornton
17430127 Hannah Hannah Jowet Abraham Sharp Bradford 1742/3. Abraham Sharp of parish of Kighley; Hannah Jowet of this parish
17450213 Jonas Jonas Jowett Mary Wilshaw Wibsey 1744/5
17480801 Jonas Jonas Jowett Rachel Hopkinson Thornton
17490405 John John Jowett Rachel Holmes Wibsey
17491022 Sarah Sarah Jowett Robert Butler Wilsden
17491106 Mary Mary Jowett William Preston Manningham
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