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Jowett Burials at Bradford Cathedral
1631 - 1640

These records have been extracted from the list of Bradford Burials  published originally in the Bradford Antiquary (1888). I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

DateGiven name (s)Common nameSurnameofNotes
16310408SaraSarahJowettBastard of Edward Jowett and Jane Hardie
16310427GraceGraceJowettKirkgate, Bradfordd. John Jowett of Kirkgate
16310815(Unnamed)JowettHeatonWife of William Jowett of Heaton
16310921MarieMaryJowettBradfordd. of Robert Jowett of Bradford
16311224(Unnamed)JowettBradfordCh. Robert Jowett of Bradford
16320119GraceGraceJowettGreat Horton1631/2. d. Edward Jowett of Great Horton
16320230MarthaMarthaJowettGreat Horton1631/2. d. Abraham Jowett of Great Horton
16320429(Unnamed)JowettShipleyWife of Percival Jowett of Shipley
16320511HesterEstherJowettBowlingd. Widow Jowett of Bowling
16320511SaraSarahJowettBowlingd. James Jowett of Bowling
16320721(Unnamed)JowettWibseyWidow Jowett of Wibsey
16321115(Unnamed)JowettManninghamWife of John Jowett of Manningham
16330605MarieMaryJewittThorntond. William Jewitt of Thornton
16330729(Unnamed)JewittWife of William Jewitt
16330912NathanNathanJewittBradfords. William Jewitt of Bradford
16330916WilliamWilliamJewittEccleshillWilliam Jewitt of Eckleshill
16331009(Unnamed)JewittHeatonWife of William Jewitt of Heaton
16331106(Unnamed)JowittThorntonWidow Jowitt of Thornton
16331108(Unnamed)JewittWibseyCh. Robert Jewitt of Wibsey
16331209(Unnamed)JewittGreat Horton2 children of Isacke Jewitt of Great Horton
16340516MaryMaryJewittManninghamd. John Jewitt Junr. of Manningham
16340621(Unnamed)JowettBradfordw. Richard Jowett of Bradford
16341223(Unnamed)JowettLittle Hortonw. Isack Jowett of Little Horton
16350224MaryMaryJowettHeaton1634/5. d. William Jowett of Heaton
16350401IsabellIsobelJowettManninghamd. Richard Jowett of Manningham
16350618(Unnamed)JowettBradfordch. Richard Jowett of Bradford
16350805HesterEstherJowettManninghamd. of Richard Jowett of Manningham
16350830(Unnamed)JowettManninghamWidow of Richard Jowett of Manningham
16350911(Unnamed)JowettHeaton2 children of William Jowett of Heaton
16350913(Unnamed)JowettHeatonWife of William Jowett of Heaton
16351030(Unnamed)JowettBowlingWife of James Jowett of Bowling
16351103(Unnamed)JowettBradfordWidow Jowett of Bradford
16351231JosephJosephJowettBradfords. of William Jowett of Bradford
16360207GraceGraceJowettClayton1635/6. d. John Jowett of Claiton
16360209(Unnamed)JowettWilsden1635/6. Wife of Hugh Jowett of Wilsden
16370424ThomasThomasJewittBradfordThomas Jewitt of the West End, Bradford
16370525SaraSarahJewittBradfordd. of Richard Jewitt of Bradford
16370615AliceAliceJowettBradfordd. William Jowett of Bradford
16380121(Unnamed)JowettBowling1637/8. Child of John Jowett of Bolling
16380124(Unnamed)JowettGreat Horton1637/8. Wife of Edward Jowett of Great Horton
16380207ThomasThomasJowettBradford1637/8. s. of Richard Jowett of Bradford
16380218(Unnamed)JowettBradford1637/8. Wife of Robert Jowett of Bradford
16380220(Unnamed)JowettClayton1637/8. Widow Jowett of Claiton
16380409(Unnamed)JowettBradfordWife of John Jowett of the West End, Bradford
16380426BridgettBridgetJowettd. of Isabell Jowett and John Sharpe, bastard
16380426MargrettMargaretJowettBradfordd. Thomas Jowett of Bradford
16380823AnneAnnJowettThorntond. of William Jowett of Thornton
16380905ElizabethElizabethJowettBradfordd. of Mary Jowett of Bradford
16381211MarthaMarthaJowettGreat Hortond. of Abraham Jowett of Great Horton
16390202ThomasThomasJowettBradford1638/9. s. of Mary Jowett of Bradford
16390225ThomasThomasJowettBradford1638/9. Thomas Jowett of West End, Bradford
16390326JohnJohnJowettThorntons. of John Jowett of Thornton
16390503JohnJohnJowettWilsdens. of Isack Jowett of Wilsden
16400224(Unnamed)JewettBradford1639/40. Ch. of William Jewett of Bradford
16400226(Unnamed)JewettBradford1639/40. Wife of William Jewett of Bradford
16400306(Unnamed)JewettWilsden1639/40. Wife of John Jewett of Wilsden
16400317DaniellDanielJowettBowling1639/40. s. James Jowett of Bowling
16400617SaraSarahJewittBradfordd. William Jewitt of Bradford
16401114GraceGraceJowettBradfordd. Mary Jowett and George Riley of Bradford
16401115JohnJohnJowettBradfords. John Jowett of Bradford
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