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Jowett Burials at Bradford Cathedral
1651 - 1660

These records have been extracted from the list of Bradford Burials  published originally in the Bradford Antiquary (1888). I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

DateGiven name (s)Common nameSurnameofNotes
16510316MaryMaryJowettBradford1650/1. Wife of John Jowett of Bradford
16511218SaraSarahJowettHeatond. William Jowett of Heaton
16520321MaryMaryJowettClayton1651/2. Wife of John Jowett of Clayton
16520709GraceGraceJowettBradfordd. Richard Jowett of Bradford
16540513GraceGraceJowettThorntond. James Jowett of Thornton
16550212(Unnamed)JowettBowlingWidow Jowett of Bowling
16550712(Unnamed)JowetBowlingA child of Jeremy Jowet of Bowling
16550825(Unnamed)JowettClaytonA Child of Thomas Jowett of Clayton
16560512GraceGraceJowettClaytonWife of William Jowett of Clayton
16560610(Unnamed)JowettBoltonA child of Abraham Jowrtt of Bolton
16570220AnnAnnJowettThortonWife of Peter Jowett, late of Thornton
16571013MaryMaryJowetManninghamWife of Jonathan Jowet of Manningham
16571028TimothyTimothyJowetManninghams. William Jowet of Manningham
16571227SusanaSusannahJowetManninghamd. John Jowet of Manningham
16580219(Unnamed)JowetClayton1657/8. Child of Abraham Jowet of Claton
16580227MarthaMarthaJowetManningham1657/8. d. William Jowet of Manningham
16580517AnnAnnJowetBowlingWife of Jeremiah Jowet of Bowling
16580820MaryMaryJowetBowlingd. Jeremiah Jowet of Bowling
16590403MaryMaryJowetHeatond. John Jowet of Heaton
16590819(Unnamed)JowettHeatonChild of William Jowett of Heaton
16601214(Unnamed)JowettBowlingWife of Richard Jowett of Bowling
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