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Jowett Marriages at Bradford Cathedral
1751 - 1775

This data was extracted from the microfiche copy of the original parish records for Bradford Cathedral which are available at the West Yorkshire Archives Service in Leeds and in Bradford (ref WYAS/40D90). They include all marriages for Jowett and variants for the period.

Please note that the manuscripts are recordered in varying qualities of handwriting and there is some damage, so almost certainly some data is missed.

I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

Date Given name (s) Common name Surname Spouse of Notes
17520607 William William Jewett Sarah Greenwood Wilsden
17521205 Sarah Sarah Jowett Samuel Varley Wilsden
17521212 Hannah Hannah Jowett John Drake Thornton
17521226 Leah Leah Jowett John Brooksbank Thornton
17530123 Dan Daniel Jowett Ann Wilkinson Bradford
17530430 Hannah Hannah Jowett Abednego Pollard Manningham
17531231 Maria Maria Jowett William Parker Bradford Mara: Martha? Maria? Marianne?
17540127 Paul Paul Jowett Maria Hainworth Thornton
17540602 Grace Grace Jowett John Bower Wilsden
17550911 Jonas Jonas Jowett Sarah Wood Wilsden
17560601 Sarah Sarah Jowett Robert Sunderland? Bradford Difficult to read
17561115 Abraham Abraham Jowett Mary Lofthouse Great Horton
17570103 Paul Paul Jowett Mary Sue Otley Mary Sue otp
17570411 Martha Martha Jowett Samuel Wright Thornton
17580601 Maria Maria Jowett William Firth Clayton Mara: Martha? Maria? Marianne?
17590325 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett Edmund Palmer Bradford
17590506 James James Jowett Mary Bairstow Halifax Mary Bairstow otp
17600120 John John Jowet Betty Normington Thornton
17600406 Jeremy Jeremy Jowit Sarah Craven Thornton
17610223 Dorothy Dorothy Jowett Thomas Rawnsley Great Horton
17610303 Isaac Isaac Jowett Sarah Bennet Great Horton
17610315 Joseph Joseph Jowett Dorothy Gill Wibsey
17610906 Mary Mary Jowett William Hodgson Manningham
17611001 William William Jowett Mary Anderton Wilsden
17620509 Ann Ann Jowett Jo: Holdsworth Great Horton
17621014 John John Jowett Martha Medley Wilsden
17630105 Lydia Lydia Jowett Jeremih Smith Wibsey
17630223 Joshua Joshua Jowett Sarah Wilkinson Clayton
17630623 Ezra Ezra Jowett Betty Robinson Little Horton
17630803 Betty Elizabeth Jowett Timothy Taylor Bradford
17631116 William William Jowett Martha Briggs Wilsden
17631201 Nancy Nancy Jowett Mark Chapman Wilsden
17640208 Samuel Samuel Jowett Ruth Craven Clayton
17640325 Sarah Sarah Jowett Benjamin Priestley Great Horton
17640724 William William Jowett Hannah Wainwright Little Horton
17641030 Joseph Joseph Jowet Sarah Leatch Thornton
17650530 Hannah Hannah Jowett Jonas booth Great Horton
17650818 Jonas Jonas Jowett Mary Barraclough Great Horton
17651027 Sarah Sarah Jowett James Hainsworth Thornton
17651106 John John Jowett Mary Yates T Oa: (?)
17670506 Edmund Edmund Jowett Hannah Robertshaw Thornton
17670527 Martha Martha Jowett Samuel Judson Great Horton
17680103 Sarah Sarah Jowett John Hainsworth Clayton
17680306 Martha Martha Jowett John Lee Wibsey
17680724 Samuel Samuel Jowet Elizabeth Taylor Clayton
17680817 Joseph Joseph Jowett Mary Broadbent Great Horton
17680918 John John Jowett Rachel Robertshaw Great Horton
17681011 Jonas Jonas Jowet Susannah Rhodes Wilsden Susannah Rhodes of Bingley
17681016 James James Jowett Betty Robinson Thornton
17681206 Mary Mary Jowet Roger Bentley Wilsden
17690613 Grace Grace Jowet John Jennings Wilsden
17691224 Benjamin Benjamin Jowet Ann Duckworth Bradford
17700730 Sara Sarah Jowet Thomas Ball Shipley
17710722 Eli Eli Jowet Sarah Briggs Thornton
17710812 Mary Mary Jowet Tommy Barker Bowling
17710825 Abraham Abraham Jowet Mary Barraclough Wibsey
17720216 Joseph Joseph Jowet Elizabeth Preston Great Horton
17721005 Sarah Sarah Jowett Thomas Phillips Little Horton
17721108 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett Luke Shackleton Clayton
17730216 James James Jowett Ann Foster Thornton
17730309 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett Aaron Holden Allerton
17730412 Jonas Jonas Jowett Hannah Muff Clayton
17730429 Jonas Jonas Jowett Ellen Pollard Little Horton
17730825 Mary Mary Jowett Samuel Farrer Heaton Licence
17731114 John John Jowett Mary Broadbent Clayton
17731121 Betty Elizabeth Jowett John Whitaker Great Horton
17740620 Joseph Joseph Jowett Hannah Greenwood Clayton
17740724 Thomas Thomas Jowett Betty Bairstow Thornton
17740801 Hannah Hannah Jowett William Smithies Allerton
17750419 Mary Mary Jowett Thomas Hill Bingley Thomas Hill of this parish, Mary Jowett of the parish of Bingley
17750514 James James Jowett Rebecca Bower Wibsey
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