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Jowett Marriages at Bradford Cathedral
1776 - 1800

This data was extracted from the microfiche copy of the original parish records for Bradford Cathedral which are available at the West Yorkshire Archives Service in Leeds and in Bradford (ref WYAS/40D90). They include all marriages for Jowett and variants for the period.

Please note that the manuscripts are recordered in varying qualities of handwriting and there is some damage, so almost certainly some data is missed.

I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

Date Given name (s) Common name Surname Spouse of Notes
17760102 Jeremy Jeremy Jowett Betty Leach Wilsden
17760624 Judith Judith Jowett John Bartle Thornton
17760825 Martha Martha Jowett Joseph Miller Allerton
17760930 Hanna Hannah Jowett Thomas Cowling Wibsey
17761203 Alice Alice Jowett Jonas Pearson Thornton
17770107 Mary Mary Jowett Thomas Lambert Wilsden
17771208 Peter Peter Jowett Nancy Fox Clayton
17780114 Benjamin Benjamin Jowett Martha Stocks Wibsey
17780208 Joseph Joseph Jowett Hannah Tankard Clayton
17781021 Hannah Hannah Jowett James Holroyd Clayton
17790225 Mary Mary Jowett John Booth Little Horton
17790404 William William Jowett Elizabeth Wright Bradford
17790809 Mary Mary Jowett John Brooksbank Allerton
17790926 Jonah Jonah Jowett Sarah Kirshaw Clayton
17791115 Nancy Nancy Jowett Joseph Wilman Clayton
17800404 Jonas Jonas Jowett Mary Briggs Wilsden
17801106 William William Jowett Hannah Greenwood Bradford
17810226 John John Jowett Sarah Bower Wilsden
17810409 Deborah Deborah Jowett William Rhode Heaton
17810626 Michael Michael Jowett Betty Burton Haworth
17810902 Sarah Sarah Jowett John Taylor Thornton Both of Thornton
17820213 Jonas Jonas Jowett Dinah Overend Wibsey
17820225 John John Jowett Martha Lofthouse Great Horton
17820620 Martha Martha Jowett Joseph Shackleton Great Horton
17820704 John John Jowett Ann Cryer Clayton
17820716 Nancy Nancy Jowett Jonathan Whitaker "Far Ox:"
17820728 Mary Mary Jowett Joseph Parker Great Horton
17820910 James James Jowett Martha Woster Wibsey
17821021 John John Jowett Sarah Stocks Wibsey
17830108 John John Jowett Betty Seed Wibsey
17830407 William William Jowett Mary Walker Little Horton
17830421 Jonas Jonas Jowett Hannah Barstow Clayton
17830630 Mary Mary Jowett Jonas Binns Haworth
17830728 Ellen Helen Jowett John Mortimer Bradford
17830811 Martha Martha Jowett Joseph Greaves Great Horton
17830824 James James Jowett Ruth Pighels Clayton
17840509 Jonathan Jonathan Jowett Hannah Widdup [not given]
17840906 Jonathan Jonathan Jowett Hannah Haley Great Horton
17841012 Thomas Thomas Jowett Hannah Wheater Great Horton
17841019 Henry Henry Jowett Sarah Dawson Haworth
17841115 Mary Mary Jowett Jonas Drake Thornton
17850307 Betty Elizabeth Jowett John Jowett Thornton
17850307 John John Jowett Betty Jowett Thornton
17851011 Jonas Jonas Jowett Lucy Butterfield "both of this parish"
17851212 Mark Mark Jowett Elizabeth Hamsworth "both of this parish"
17860315 James James Jowett Hannah Wood "both of this parish"
17860417 Ruth Ruth Jowett Isaac Brook "both of this parish"
17860424 Hannah Hannah Jowett Joseph Dawson "both of this parish"
17870113 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett William Wade "both of this parish"
17870423 Jonas Jonas Jowett Hannah Flather "both of this parish"
17870527 Nancy Nancy Jowett Joseph Lofthouse "both of this parish"
17870921 Mary Mary Jowett Samuel White "both of this parish"
17871000 Martha Martha Jowett Thomas Lightowlers "both of this parish"
17871000 Rebecca Rebecca Jowett John Wilkinson "both of this parish"
17871100 Jeremiah Jeremiah Jowett Martha Craven "both of this parish"
17880400 Ann Ann Jowett Robert Firth "of the Parochial Chapel of Baildon" Robert Firth "of this parish"
17880818 Peter Peter Jowett Sarah Rainsley "both of this parish"
17881110 Ann Ann Jowett John Jowett "both of this parish"
17881110 John John Jowett Ann Jowitt "both of this parish"
17881123 Jenny Jennifer Jowett Benjamin Hardwick "both of this parish"
17890413 Hannah Hannah Jowett George Leach "both of this parish"
17890825 Ann Ann Jowett James Hainsworth "both of this parish"
17891120 Sally Sally Jowett Timothy Sutcliffe "both of this parish"
17900216 Thomas Thomas Jowett Ruth Pickard "both of this parish"
17900324 Benjamin Benjamin Jowett Martha Burrows "both of this parish"
17900607 Bridget Bridget Jowett John Long Skipton John Long "of this parish"
17910110 John John Jowett Mary Barraclough "both of this parish"
17910116 Dorcas Dorcas Jowett Joshua Robertshaw "both of this parish"
17910203 Sarah Sarah Jowett William Shepherd "both of this parish"
17910225 Sarah Sarah Jowett George Baron "of this parish" George Baron "of the parish of Leeds"
17911019 Hannah Hannah Jowett William Baleman "of this parish" William Baleman "of the parish of Birstall"
17911113 Joshua Joshua Jowett Grace Shaw "both of this parish"
17911217 Nanny Ann Jowett George Firth "both of this parish"
17920116 Jonas Jonas Jowett Sarah Brown "both of this parish"
17920528 Joseph Joseph Jowett Mary Hill "both of this parish"
17920708 William William Jowett Mary Edmundson "both of this parish"
17920715 James James Jowett Rachel Fieldhouse "both of this parish"
17920920 Jonah Jonah Jowett Ann Appleyard "both of this parish"
17921008 Jonathan Jonathan Jowett Ann Boram "both of this parish"
17921008 William William Jowett Mercy Kershaw "both of this parish"
17921029 Isaac Isaac Jowett Molly Robinson "both of this parish"
17921126 Hannah Hannah Jowett Jonathan Smith "both of this parish"
17921227 Mary Mary Jowett Zephemiah Brook "both of this parish"
17930125 Jonas Jonas Jowett Mary Benn "both of this parish"
17930520 Betty Elizabeth Jowett Joseph Kirshaw "both of this parish"
17930603 Joseph Joseph Jowett Betty Anderson "both of this parish"
17930609 Lydia Lydia Jowett George Boothroyd "both of this parish"
17930728 John John Jowett Martha Smith "both of this parish"
17930811 Sarah Sarah Jowett Thomas Whiteley "of this parish" Thomas Whiteley "of the parish of Halifax"
17930827 Nancy Nancy Jowett Richard Tetley "both of this parish"
17940423 Nathan Nathan Jowett Betty Craven "both of this parish"
17941105 Thomas Thomas Jowett Betty Flather "both of this parish"
17950112 Abner Abner Jowett Betty Jowett "both of this parish"
17950112 Betty Elizabeth Jowett Abner Jowett "both of this parish"
17950406 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett William Mitchel "both of this parish"
17950407 John John Jowett Hannah Naylor "both of this parish"
17950622 Sarah Sarah Jowett John Robinson "both of this parish"
17950820 Joseph Joseph Jowett Elizabeth Boyes "both of this parish"
17950921 Jonas Jonas Jowett Martha Taylor "both of this parish"
17951124 William William Jowett Lucy Pollard "both of this parish"
17951200 Mary Mary Jowett John Dempsell "both of this parish"
17951210 Jonas Jonas Jowett Zilpah Shaw "both of this parish"
17960200 Betty Elizabeth Jowett Joshua Hodgson "of this parish" Joshua Hodgson "of the parish of Ecclesfield" (?!)
17960328 Rebecca Rebecca Jowett George Wilson "both of this parish"
17960617 Jonas Jonas Jowett Sally Bartle "both of this parish"
17960631 Jonas Jonas Jowett Esther Foster "both of this parish"
17960915 William William Jowett Mary Farrer "both of this parish"
17961004 David David Jowett Jenny Milnes "both of this parish"
17961027 Samuel Samuel Jowett Mary Shaw "both of this parish"
17970522 Miles Miles Jowett Matty Hanson "both of this parish"
17970627 Joseph Joseph Jowett Alice Anderson "both of this parish"
17971212 Sarah Sarah Jowett John Bywater "both of this parish"
17971224 Hannah Hannah Jowett Thomas Pighles "both of this parish"
17980115 Sarah Sarah Jowett Jonas Hey "both of this parish"
17980819 James James Jowett Matty Barraclough "both of this parish"
17980827 Mary Mary Jowett John Dixon "both of this parish"
17990423 Martha Martha Jowett John Lofthouse "both of this parish"
17990512 Joseph Joseph Jowett Elizabeth Bristow "both of this parish"
17990701 Dorothy Dorothy Jowett James Wilkinson "both of this parish"
17991126 William William Jowett Elizabeth Lumby "both of this parish"
17991201 Lucy Lucy Jewett Joseph Heaton "both of this parish" Lucy or Susey?
17991201 Susey Susan Jewett Joseph Heaton "both of this parish" Lucy or Susey?
18000129 Sally Sally Jowett Thomas Ogden "both of this parish"
18000424 Ann Ann Jowett Abraham Fooler "both of this parish"
18001106 Mary Mary Jowett Lijendra (?) Whitaker "both of this parish"
18001117 Benjamin Benjamin Jowett Mercy Binns "both of this parish"
18001124 Abner Abner Jowett Margaret Hainsworth "both of this parish"
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