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Jowett Marriages at Bradford Cathedral
1800 - 1812

This data was extracted from the microfiche copy of the original parish records for Bradford Cathedral which are available at the West Yorkshire Archives Service in Leeds and in Bradford (ref WYAS/40D90). They include all marriages for Jowett and variants for the period.

Please note that the manuscripts are recordered in varying qualities of handwriting and there is some damage, so almost certainly some data is missed.

I have included the given names as recorded as well as in a modern format ("common name") to assist in searching.

DateGiven name (s)Common nameSurnameSpouseofNotes
18010105JohnJohnJowettSarah Blamires"both of this parish"
18010400MaryMaryJowettThomas Robinson"both of this parish"
18010423NathanNathanJowettAnn Armistead"both of this parish"
18010426JonasJonasJowettGrace Downs"both of this parish"
18010831NathanNathanJowettSarah Hodgson"both of this parish"
18011206SamuelSamuelJowettPhoebe Mitchell"both of this parish"
18011220HannahHannahJowettJohn Robinson"both of this parish"
18011225SallySallyJowettMatthew Patchett"both of this parish"
18020228LydiaLydiaJowettJames Spencer"both of this parish"
18020313MarthaMarthaJowett? Billingley"of this parish"? Billingley of the parish of ? (entry at bottom of page!)
18020405HannahHannahJowettJonas Shackleton"both of this parish"
18021116WilliamWilliamJowettAnn Green"both of this parish"
18021219JamesJamesJowettMartha Scholfield"both of this parish"
18030509JonasJonasJowettMary Dodgson"both of this parish"
18030529JosephJosephJowettGrace Fletcher"both of this parish"
18030605ThomasThomasJowettMary Akeroyd"both of this parish"
18030619EstherEstherJowettDavid Shackleton"both of this parish"
18030714ElizabethElizabethJowettSeth Wright"both of this parish"
18030728MilesMilesJowettMartha Bottomley"both of this parish"
18030808HannahHannahJowettTimothy Robinson"both of this parish"
18030823SarahSarahJowettJoseph Sugden"both of this parish"
18030918MaryMaryJowettJonas Priestley"both of this parish"
18031005CharlesCharlesJowettSally Sharp"both of this parish"
18031113JamesJamesJowettMatty Cowgill"both of this parish"
18031128MaryMaryJowettSamuel Parker"both of this parish"
18040417MarthaMarthaJowettJohn Greenwood"both of this parish"
18040805JohnJohnJowettLydia Hanson"both of this parish"
18040819NannyNannyJowettJohn Kellett"both of this parish"
18040908JosephJosephJowettAnn Parker"both of this parish"
18040930NathanNathanJowettNanny Ackroyd"both of this parish"
18041104LukeLukeJowettMary Mercer"both of this parish"
18050213JamesJamesJowettSally Barker"both of this parish"
18050601NancyNancyJowettRobert RobinsonSpinster
18050806EllinEllenJowettJonathan EyreJonathan Eyre, Excise Officer and Ellin Jowett, spinster
18050809IsaacIsaacJowettMary JowettIsaac Jowett, comber and Mary Jowett, spinster
18050809MaryMaryJowettIsaac JowettIsaac Jowett, comber and Mary Jowett, spinster
18051014JosephJosephJowettMartha CockroftJoseph Jowett, weaver and Martha Cockroft, spinster
18051225GraceGraceJowettJonas IllingworthJoseph Illingworth, carpenter and Grace Jowett, spinster
18060526DavidDavidJowettMary Jerrard"both of this parish"David Jowett, cordwainer and Mary Jerrard, spinster
18060526RuthRuthJowettHenry Speight"both of this parish"Henry Speight, weaver and Ruth Jowett, spinster
18060615WilliamWilliamJowettHannah Booth"both of this parish"William Jowett, comber and Hannah Booth, spinster
18060618JonasJonasJowettMartha Jowett"both of this parish"Jonas Jowett, weaver and Martha Jowett, spinster
18060618MarthaMarthaJowettJonas Jowett"both of this parish"Jonas Jowett, weaver and Martha Jowett, spinster
18070127TimothyTimothyJowettSarah Robinson"both of this parish"Timothy Jowett, comber and Sarah Robinson, spinster
18070209JohnJohnJowettMary Barraclough"both of this parish"John Jowett, clothier and Mary Barraclough, spinster
18070315JamesJamesJowettMary Craven"both of this parish"James Jowett, mason and Mary Craven, spinster
18080519SamuelSamuelJowettSarah Jowett"both of this parish"Samuel Jowett, comber and Sarah Jowett, spinster
18080519SarahSarahJowettSamuel Jowett"both of this parish"Samuel Jowett, comber and Sarah Jowett, spinster
18080729JosephJosephJowettMartha Whittaker"both of this parish"Joseph Jowett, stuffmaker and Martha Whittaker, spinster
18081226JonathanJonathanJowettBetty Ambler"both of this parish"Jonathan Jowett, weaver and Betty Ambler, spinster
18090109JohnJohnJowettHannah Hill"both of this parish"John Jowett, weaver and Hannah Hill, spinster
18090717MosesMosesJowettHannah Rushworth"both of this parish"Moses Jowett, clothier and Hannah Rushworth, spinster
18090813HannahHannahJowettJonathan Bugg"both of this parish"Jonathan Bugg, weaver and Hannah Jowett, spinster
18091227MaryMaryJowettJohn Hainsworth"both of this parish"John Hainsworth, comber and Mary Jowett, spinster
18091231FannyFrancesJowettJames Scott"both of this parish"James Scott, weaver and Fanny Jowett, spinster
18100108BettyElizabethJowettValentine Smithies"both of this parish"Valentine Smithies, weaver and Betty Jowett, spinster
18100311HannahHannahJowettWilliam Smith"both of this parish"William Smith, comber and Hannah Jowett, spinster
18100312JamesJamesJowettNanny Hillas"both of this parish"James Jowett, miner and Nanny Hillas, spinster
18100624HannahHannahJowettAbraham Ashworth"both of this parish"Abraham Ashworth, weaver and Hannah Jowett, spinster
18101112RuthRuthJowettThomas Buaks"both of this parish"Thomas Buaks (sic), weaver and Ruth Jowett, spinster
18110100RachelRachelJowett[illegible] Craven"both of this parish"[Illegible] Craven, taylor and Rachel Jowett, spinster
18110225JonasJonasJowettMary Robertshaw"both of this parish"Jonas Jowett, mason and Mary Robertshaw, spinster
18110415JonathanJonathanJowettHannah Haley"both of this parish"Jonathan Jowett, deloir (?) and Hannah Haley, spinster
18110509MaryMaryJowettWilliam Shaw"both of this parish"William Shaw, labourer and Mary Jowett, spinster
18110729MaryMaryJowettWilliam Child"both of this parish"William Child, comber and Mary Jowett, spinster
18110923MaryMaryJowettJoshua Robinson"both of this parish"Joshua Robinson, mason and Mary Jowett, spinster
18111202BettyElizabethJowettJoseph Bastow"both of this parish"Joseph Bastow, cordwainer and Betty Jowett, spinster
18120105JohnJohnJowettHannah Driver"both of this parish"John Jowett, comber and Hannah Driver, spinster
18120112SarahSarahJowettAbraham Greenwood"both of this parish"Abraham Greenwood, comber and Sarah Jowett, spinster
18120503JonasJonasJowettMartha Leach"both of this parish"Jonas Jowett, weaver and Martha Leach, spinster
18120619JohnJohnJowettMary Marshall"both of this parish"John Jowett, comber and Mary Marshall, spinster
18120809HannahHannahJowettWalter Slicer"both of this parish"Walter Slicer, foundryman and Hannah Jowett, spinster
18120810SarahSarahJowettJonas Drake"both of this parish"Jonas Drake, cornmiller and Sarah Jowett, spinster
18121006WilliamWilliamJowettBetty Sugden
18121122WilliamWilliamJowettSarah Singleton
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