Jowett records in Pontefract 1585 - 1641

These records have been extracted from the transcript of the Pontefract records for the period 1585 - 1641 published by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society as YPRS/122 in 1958.

Nine entries only all but one relating to the same family, that of Robert Jowet/Jawitt who maried Jane Pearsone in 1597 and had two children - Christopher and Allis - baptised in 1598 and 1600 respectively. Jane died in 1602 and Robert remarried to Avis Mettoy in 1604. Robert died in 1631, Avis in 1635. Christopher married Margaret Wheldrake in 1641. The Elizabeth Jewett who married William Waite in 1603 could be a sister of Robert.

c=christening, m=marriage, i=burial

Date Event Given name (s) Common name Surname Parents/Spouse Notes
15970925 m Robert Robert Jawitt Jane Pearson
15980521 c Christopher Christopher Jawett Robert Jawett Christopher s of Robert Jawett
16000316 c Allis Alice Jawett Robert Jawett Aliss d of Robert Jawett
16020309 i Jane Jane Jowet Jane wife of Robert Jowet. 16 Mar 1599/1600
16030731 m Elizabeth Elizabeth Jewett William Waite
16040916 m Robert Robert Jewet Avis Mettoy
16310730 i Robert Robert Jawitt 9 Mar 1601/2
16350504 i Avis Avis Jawitt Widow
16410221 m Christopher Christopher Jawitt Margaret Wheldrake 21 Feb 1640/1
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