Howden Index

Howdenshire Jowitt wills Index 1521 - 1857

The following is a list of all Jowett etc. wills for the period 1521 - 1857 listed in the Howdenshire Probate Index held at the Borthwick Institute in York. This is a Peculiar Court of the Dean and Chapter (formerly Prior and Convent) of Durham within the juristiction of Howden and Howdenshire. All entries are indexed under the common heading of Jewet(t)/Jewitt/Jowett.

Date Given name (s) Surname variant Of Notes
16291100 Agnes Jewitt Laxton Will
16400800 Elizabeth Jewitt Saltmarsh Will/Tuition, daughter of Robert
16400800 Robert Jewitt Saltmarsh Will/Tuition for daughter Elizabeth
16401100 Thomas Jewitt Saltmarsh Will
16671200 Edward Jewitt Barlow Lane End, par. Hemingbrough Adm.
16720400 George Jewitt Hemingbrough George Sr. Yeoman. Will/Bond
16750400 Elizabeth Jewitt Saltmarsh Widow. Will
16840400 John Jewitt Saltmarsh Adm.
16850200 George Jewitt Cliffe Feb 1684/5. Adm.
17040800 Dennis Jewitt Saltmarsh Butcher. Will/Inventory/Bond
17070200 Peter Jewitt Saltmarsh Will/Inventory/Bond
17170700 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Will/Inventory/Bond
17200600 Ann Jewitt Saltmarsh Tuition, daughter of Simon
17200600 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Tuition for Children Simon and Ann
17200600 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Tuition, son of Simon
17200900 Thomas Jewitt Saltmarsh, Howden prog
17370500 Joseph Jewitt Skelton Inventory/Bond
17380300 Thomas Jewitt West Linton Gent. Will/Inventory/Bond
17421100 Edward Jewitt Barlow Lane End, par. Hemingbrough Yeoman. Will/Inventory/Bond
17780600 Edward Jewitt Staddlethorpe, par. Blacktoft Farmer. Will/Invemtory/Bond
17870200 John Jewitt Saltmarsh Yeoman. Will/Declaration
17880200 Peter Jewitt Owsthorpe, par. Eastrington Will/Inventory
17890300 Richard Jewitt West Linton Esq. Will/Inventory
17900800 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Gent. Will/Inventory
18121000 William Jewitt Staddlethorpe, par Blacktoft Farmer. Adm.
18130100 William Jewitt Gilberdyke Gent. Will
18151200 Sarah Jewitt Gilberdyke Will
18350300 Sarah Jewitt New Village, par Howden Widow. Bond/Rec. Doc.
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