Jowett Wills - North America

Ann Jewett of Rowley, 1661

Ann was the second wife of Joseph Jowett who emigrated with his brother Maximilian in 1639; Ann and Joseph married at Rowley 13 May 1653. Ann died in 1661 and was buried at Rowley 8 Feb 1661, just 18 days before Joseph himself was buried at the same place. Her will disposes of 100 (“I have in my owen dispose one hundred pounds”) and several (un-named) articles “at my dispose in that covenant between Mr Joseph Jewet and me” and makes mention of four children by her first husband Bozoan Allen - John, Ann Isaac and Bossom - as well as her daughter Priscilla who does not appear in any of the Jewett genealogies - was she the daughter of Bozoan Allen or Joseph? (likely the former as Joseph counts six children in his will, all accounted for!). The will makes no mention of her two children by Joseph - Joseph or Faith - who were both young children at the time of their mother’s death and both looked after in their father’s will.

I Mrs Ann Jewett of Rowley In the County of Essex being weake of body but of perfect understanding and memory not knowing how soone God may be pleased to Call me away by death doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament

It Being that I have in my owen dispose one hundred pounds I will and dispose of it as followeth

Item I will that this one hundred pounds shal be equally devided and thes foure of my Children to witt John Allen, Ann Allen, Isaac Allen and Bossom Allen: only I will and Give unto my daughter Ann Allen tenn pounds more then the rest which shalbe that is the ten pounds Given Befor the Rest of the hundred be devided: and as for those severall pertickulaors ar at my dispose in that Covenant betwene mr Joseph Jewet and me I will that those things that I have not alredy given to my daughter Prissilla that my sone John Allen shall have a gould ring _ the sillver wine cup and the rest I will give unto my daughter Ann Allen this I acknowledge to be my last will made the sist of february one thousand six hundred and sixty in witnes wherof I set to my hand and I appoint Mr Edward Rowson and Mr Jeremiah Houchin to see the performeance hereof

In presence of hir marke

The will of Mrs. Ann Jewett of Rowley was proved in the Ipswich court May 2, 1661. The above copy is taken from the original instrument on file in the probate office at Salem. "The Essex Antiquarian" Vol IX

Thanks to Roseanne Montgomery for the transcript.

Jeremiah Jewett of Ipswich, 1714

Jeremiah was the eldest son of Joseph and Mary (nee Mallinson) Jewett of Rowley. Unfortunately it does not tell us much, as most of his estate had been divided out between his children well before his death in 1714 (he was buried at Rowley 20 May 1714). He was outlived by his wife Sarah.

Mr Jeremiah Jewett, will proved and allowed

In the name of God Amen. I Jeremiah Jewett Sr. of ye town of Ipswich in ye county of Essex in New England being weak of body but of sound understanding and disposing mind doe make this my last will and testament in manner and form following.

First I comitt my soul to God who gave it me in hope of a happy resurrection thro ye power of death and of Jesus Christ my dear redeemer and my body to be [indecipherable] by my executors. And as for ye onward estate ye God Almighty has given mee, having settled my real estate upon my sons already and considerable part of my personall estate upon my daughters and out of my remainder of my personall estate doe give to each of my children one pound a piece to be payd in or as money and ye remainder of my personall estate when my honest debts are payd and funerall espenses I doe give to my beloved wife Sarah to be at her dispose either by life or at her death.

And I doe appoint my son Nehemiah Jewett to be my Executor to this my last will and testament, December 1 1713.

Signed, sealed and delivered to be his last will          Jeremiah Jewett

in the presence of us witnesses
Hannah Goodwin (her mark)
Hanna Brown (her mark)
Samuel Platts

Essex Co. Ipswich, June 6 1714 before ye Hon. John Appleton ye judge of ye probate of wills in ye said County. Mr Saml Platt, Hannah Goodwin and Hannah Brown personally appeared and made oath that they were present and saw Mr Jerem. Jewett Snr. late of Ipswich Decd. signed and sealed and hear him mouth and declare the above written testament to be his last will and testament and which he so did by way of both understanding and disposing mind [remainder indecipherable].

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