Jowetts in New South Wales


I am grateful to Jason Jowitt for supplying me with the following entries from the NSW Registers for the period 1788 - 1905.

There are no Jowett entries prior to 1853 (though three Jewett entries). Complete copies can be ordered, quoting the serial number given, either be ordered by mail from (please check with them beforehand re cost):

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
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Jowett Births in NSW

DateGiven name (s)Surname variantParentsNotes
1828JaneJewettGeorge and Hannah JewettV18286418 1B
1830RobertJewettGeorge and Ann JewettV1830161 15
1853Harriett SJowettJohn S and Mary Jowett1853/0 (V18531010 39A)
1857Thomas WJowettThomas and Elizabeth Jowett1857/3128
1858HenryJowettThomas and Elizabeth Jowett1858/2752
1860Charles RJowettThomas and Eliza Jowett1860/2881
1860Robert PJowettJohn S and Mary Jowett1860/10214
1864Sydney JJowettThomas and Elizabeth Jowett1864/2705
1878EdwinJowettEdwin C and Isabella Jowett1878/3966
1880FrancisJowettEdwin C and Isabella Jowett1880/4344
1880Herbert HenryJowettCharles Henry and Ada Annie Jowett1880/598
1884EthelJowettEdwin C and Isabella Jowett1884/4425
1885Cecil J NJowettThomas N and Amelia Jowett1885/27968
1885ElsieJowettEdwin C and Isabella Jowett1885/6337
1886Arthur NJowettRobert P and Harriett Jowett1886/26001
1887Albert EJowettWalter and Elizabeth Jowett1887/24318
1887AlfredJowittThomas and Amelia E G Jowitt1887/29449
1888Eleanor MJowittThomas and Amelia E G Jowitt1888/30328
1888Gertie MJowettRobert P and Harriett Jowett1888/32310
1888HaroldJowettAlbert and Eliza Jowett1888/12328
1888ThommassineJowettEdwin C and Isabella Jowett1888/6349
1889Grace EJowettThomas N and Amelia E Jowett1889/29042
1889Joseph HJowettWalter and Elizabeth Jowett1889/23772
1889MalcolmJowettAlbert and Eliza Jowett1889/9367
1889Roy PJowettRobert P and Harriett Jowett1889/31210
1889ThomasJowettEdwin C and Isabella Jowett1889/6615
1890DaisyJowettAlbert and Eliza Jowett1890/36644
1891Charles AJowettWalter and Elizabeth Jowett1891/15426
1891Walter HJowettThomas N and Emilie Y Jowett1891/24051
1892Joseph AJewettWilliam and Mary Jewett1892/31106
1893Elizabeth NJowittThomas N and Emilie G Jowitt1893/24648
1893Emma MJowettJohn W and Emma Jowett1893/28299
1893FrancesJowettEdwin C and Isabella Jowett1893/29549
1893GordonJowettAlbert Jowett1893/37923
1893LillianJowettWalter and Elizabeth Jowett1893/15827
1894Thomas NJowittThomas N and Amelia E Jowett1894/23163
1895ArthurJowettJohn W and Emma Jowett1895/6430
1895JohnJowettWalter and Elizabeth Jowett1895/22760
1895VioletJowettAlbert and Eliza Jowett1895/8587
1896Albert VJowettJohn W and Emma Jowett1896/15440
1896Amy IJowettRobert P and Harriett I Jowett1896/17892
1896WalterJowettAlbert and Eliza Jowett1896/31302
1898John WJowettJohn W and Emma Jowett1898/14921
1898Walter LJowettWalter and Elizabeth Jowett1898/13450
1899Armand C GJewettArthur C and Minnie R Jewett1899/32434
1901Cecilia PJowettWalter and Elizabeth Jowett1901/4757
1901HelenJowettJohn W and Emily Jowett1901/6395
1903George C SJewettArthur C and Minnie R Jewett1903/35944
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Jowett Marriages in NSW

DateGiven name (s)Surname variantSpouseNotes
1838AnnJewettJames F StaffordV18381812 22
1866AdelaideJewittJeremiah Cronin1866/3057
1882Mary ScottJowettJoseph Gregory1882/1918
1883Jonathan GJowettElizabeth E Stabler1883/1975
1884Thomas NJowittAmelia E G Knee1884/7172 (recorded erroneously as James N Jowett)
1885Caroline AJowettEdwin Priestley1885/3403
1885Robert PJowettHarriette J Denning1885/1405
1887Ada AJowettLewis Hope1887/1762
1887AlbertJowettEliza Frost1887/3352
1889Louisa M BJewettWilliam J Leatree (or Seatree)1889/940
1891Margaret CJewittThomas Blakely1891/3991
1892Henry RJewettFanny H Robinson1892/8018
1892WilliamJewettMary Mawson1892/1315
1898Arthur CJewettMinnie R Geddes1898/5488
1900Bertha SJowettRichard Herbert1900/2275
1900Frances DJowettJacob Matthews1900/2276
1902GertrudeJowettJohn G Lennon1902/408
1903ElvieJowittGregory J Frecker1903/555
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Jowett Deaths in NSW

DateGiven name (s)Surname variantNotes
1856HarrietJowittd. of John and Mary Jowitt. 1856/1144
1856Harriett SJowettNo parents listed. 1856/0 (V18565248 122A)
1864Mary AJowettd. of Thomas and Elizabeth Jowett. 1864/1846
1880FrancesJowettd. of Edwin C and Isabella Jowett. 1880/2996
1884EthelJowettd. of Edwin C and Isabella Jowett. 1884/2752
1885AnnieJowettd. of Isabella Jowett. 1885/2730
1887Charles HJowettdied at Bulli, s. of Abel Jowett. 1887/9631
1887HannahJowettdied at Kingston, d. of James Jowett. 1887/3873
1888HaroldJowetts. of Albert and Eliza. 1888/5752
1888John BJowettdied at Sydney, age 82. No parents listed. 1888/534
1888ThommassineJowettd. of Edwin C and Isabella Jowett. 1888/3162
1889ThomasJowetts. of Edwin C and Isabella Jowett. 1889/3248
1889WilliamJowettdied at Cobar, age 70. No parents listed. 1889/7616
1893FrancesJowettd. of Edwin C and Isabella Jowett. 1893/12261
1893LillianJowettd. of Walter and Elizabeth Jowett. 1893/6776
1893LucyJowettd. of Walter and Elizabeth Jowett. 1893/6775
1893SamuelJowettParents unknown. 1893/2202
1895IsabellaJowettd. of John and Ann Jowett. 1895/13892
1900Jonathan GJowettNo parents listed. 1900/7909
1900Thomas NJowetts. of John and Mary A Jowett. 1900/14276
1900WilliamJowetts. of Walter and Elizabeth Jowett. 1900/9491
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