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Jewitt Marriages at Howden 1542 - 1770

Date Given name (s) Common name of Spouse Surname Notes
15610928 Jennet Janet Thomas Rainforth Juitt Thomas Rainforth of Laxton
15641022 Agnes Agnes Richard Watkin Juit Richard Watkin of Laxton
15680118 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Margaret (unknown) Juit 18 Jan 1567/8. Thomas Juit of Saltmarsh, M'garet ux.
15721012 Alice Alice Anthonie Rainfirth Juit Anthonie Rainfirth of Laxton
15740117 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Alice Wright Juitt 17 Jan 1573/4. Thomas Juitt of Saltmarsh
15750925 Thomas Thomas Laxton Jennet Sawghell Juitt Thomas Juitt of Laxton
15831110 Isabell Isobel Saltmarsh Ralfe Apthrop Jewett Ralfe Apthrop, Isabell Jewett of Saltmarsh
15910408 Catheren Catherine John Park Jewett John Park of Saltmarsh
15910807 Edward Edward Laxton Agnes (unknown) Jewett Edward Jewett of laxt. Agnes ux
16020530 John John Saltmarsh Grace (unknown) Jewett John Jewett of saltm'sh, grace ux
16031106 Isabell Isobel Saltmarsh Henry Colterd Jewett Henry Colterd, Isabell Jewett of saltm'sh
16051005 Robert Robert Saltmarsh Dorothy (unknown) Jewett Robt. Jewett of saltm'sh, dorothe ux
16060616 Jane Jane William Richardson Jewett William Richardson of Howden
16071004 Alice Alice Howden Nicolas Mayson Jewett Nicolas Mayson, Alice Jewett of howd.
16090204 Isabell Isobel John Beelbie Jewett 4 Feb 1608/9. John Beelbie of Saltmarsh
16091214 John John Saltmarsh Marie Vassie Jewett
16161027 Edward Edward Laxton Agnes Bakebie Jewett
16170216 Robert Robert Saltmarsh Margaret Cherie Jewett 16 Feb 1616/7
16240815 Bettris Beatrice William Carie Jewett William Carie of Balkholme
16261104 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh An Richardson Jewett
16290501 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Grace Pearson Jewett
16290802 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Mary Raynold Jewett
16320419 John John Saltmarsh Elizabeth Raineforth Jewett
16331109 Jane Jane John Markham Jewett John Markham of Saltm'she
16360614 Robert Robert Saltmarsh Ellen Reirnes Jewett
16401128 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Marie Williamson Jewett
16540601 Mary Mary Balkholme Robert Buckles Jewitt Robert Buckles of Balkholme in the parish of Holden Grasman and Mary Jewitt, wid: of the same married by Phillipp Saltmarsh esq. (according to an act of Parliament in that case provided) in presence of William Bankes of Stadlethorp and Peter Holland of Balkholme the first day
16590702 John John Saltmarsh Katherine North Jewit John Jewit of Saltmarsh and Katherine North of Cotnesse
16711130 Thomas Thomas Skelton Mary Lighton Jewitt Thomas Jewitt of Skelton and Mary Lighton of Cotness
16720409 John John Skelton Patronell Burtwisle Juit
16760926 Dennis Denis Balkholme Elizabeth Douson Juit Dennis Juit and ElizabethDouson, Balkh:
16761109 Anne Ann Saltmarsh Robert Snarforth Juit Robert Snarforth of Metham & Anne Juit, Saltm.
16771122 Thomas Thomas Skelton Ellen Bailes Jewit Tho: Jewit, Skel: & Ellen Bailes, Kned [Knedlington]
16790426 John John Laxton Gillian Johnson Juit John Juit, Laxton and Gillian Johnson, Swinf: [Swinefleet]
16841106 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Anne Allon Jewitt Tho Jewitt of Saltmarsh and Anne Allon of the same
16850425 Peter Peter Saltmarsh Ann Pattrick Jewitt Peter Jewitt of Saltmarsh and Ann Pattrick
16930228 Thomas Thomas Skelton Jane Chapman Jewett 28 Feb 1692/3. Thomas Jewett, Skelton and Jane Chapman, Swinefleet
16971125 George George Selby Bank Rebecca Leaper Jewitt George Jewitt, Selby Banck and Rebecca Leaper, Barmby
16980202 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Margaret Purrell Jewitt 2 Feb 1697/8. Tho Jewitt, Saltmarsh and Margt. Purrell, same
16980510 Symon Simon Skelton Mary Patterik Jewitt Symon Jewitt, Skelton and Mary Patterik, same
17020407 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Rebecca Butler Jewitt Thomas Jewitt, Saltmarsh and Rebecca Butler, Barmby
17140801 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Hellen Hutchinson Jewitt Thomas Jewitt, Saltmarsh and Hellen Hutchinson, Skelton
17180517 Mary Mary Saltmarsh William Gybson Jewitt William Gybson, Saltmarsh & Mary Jewitt, do.
17200227 Elizabeth Elizabeth West Linton Robert Mauson Jewitt 27 Feb 1719/20. Robt. Mauson, Laxton & Eliz. Jewitt, West Linton
17220807 John John Saltmarsh Alice Bradforth Jewett Jno. Jewett, Saltmarsh & Alice Bradforth, Howden
17271220 Jos: Joseph Saltmarsh Jane Lowther Jewet Jos: Jewet, Saltmarsh and Jane Lowther, Assleby
17371227 Jane Jane Skelton Thomas Brown Jewitt Thos Brown, Barmby, Jane Jewitt, Skelton
17380218 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Eleanor Milner Jewitt 18 Feb 1737/8. Both of Saltmarsh
17491015 Sarah Sarah John Green Jewitt John Green of Saltmarsh and Sarah Jewitt
17511020 Ann Ann John Laverick Jewett John Laverick and Ann Jewett, both otp (Licence)
17511224 Sarah Sarah Redness Thomas Good Jewitt Thos Good of Saltmarsh and Sarah Jewitt of Redness
17531127 Margaret Margaret Richard Hindesley Jewitt Licence
17561123 Lewis Lewis Howden Mary Holmes Jewitt Lewis Jewitt, servant, & Mary Holmes, servant, both of Howden Par. Witns: Thos Jewitt, Wm Cooke
17571206 Edward Edward Elizabeth Haigh Jewitt Edward Jewitt, Servant & Elizabeth Haigh, spinster, both of Howden par; Witn: Abraham Haigh
17620914 Mary Mary Michael Taylor Jewitt Michael Taylor and Mary Jewitt, both otp; Witns Jos. Jewitt-Smith, Jno Hudson
17630523 Thomas Thomas Howden parish Elizabeth Gilderdale Jewitt Thos Jewitt & Elizabeth Gilderdale, both of this parish; Witns Peter Jewitt and Jos. Jewitt
17660504 Ann Ann John Harrison Jewitt John Harrison and Ann Jewitt, both otp. Witnesses Michael Taylor and Joseph Jewitt
17691211 Lewes Lewis Sarah Bentley Jewet Lewes Jewet, husbandman & Sarah Bentley, spr. both otp; Witns Amaziah Duckles, Jno Tyas
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Jewitt Marriage Witnesses at Howden

Date Given name (s) Common name of Surname Notes
16540606 John John Saltmarsh Jewitt Witness at the wedding of Bartholomew Crowsey and Ann Clerke of Balkholme
17560114 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Witness at the wedding of John Oades, blacksmith and Mary Sherwood, spinster, both otp.
17561123 Thomas Thomas Jewitt Witness at the wedding of Lewis Jewitt and Mary Holmes
17581227 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Witness at the wedding Robert Bishop, labourer and Mary Johnson, widow, both otp.
17620817 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Witness at the wedding William Emmerson, husbandman and Hannah Leaper, both otp.
17620914 Joseph Joseph Jewitt-Smith Witness at the wedding Michael Taylor and Mary Jewitt, both otp.
17621202 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Jos. Jewitt jr; Witness at the wedding Thomas Harrison, batchelor, and Sarah Barrett, spinster, both otp. (Licence)
17630523 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Witness at the wedding of Thomas Jewitt and Elizabeth Gilderdale
17630523 Peter Peter Jewitt Witness at the wedding of Thomas Jewitt and Elizabeth Gilderdale
17640219 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Witness at the wedding of Joseph Wilson and Elizabeth Bulmer
17660406 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Witness at the wedding George Smith and Elizabeth English, both otp. (with Richard English)
17660504 Joseph Joseph Jewitt Witness at the wedding John Harrison and Ann Jewitt, both otp.
17690812 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jewitt Witness at the wedding John Gilderdale of Snaith, Farmer & Ann Duckles otp, spr.,(Licence) (with Jno Tyas)
16 September 1998

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