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Jewitt Burials at Howden 1700 - 1775

Date Given name (s) Common name of Surname Notes
17000127 John John Saltmarsh Jewitt 27 Jan 1699/1700. John s. Tho: Jewitt, Saltmarsh
17030912 George George Linton Jewitt Geo: s to Tho: Jewitt, Linton
17040310 Dennis Denis Saltmarsh Jewitt 10 Mar 1703/4.
17050305 Thomas Thomas Linton Jewitt 5 Mar 1704/5. Tho: s to Thomas Jewitt, Linton
17060828 Simon Simon Saltmarsh Jewett Simon, s. to Simon Jewett, Saltmarsh
17060923 Jane Jane Saltmarsh Jewett
17110104 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewet 4 Jan 1710/1. Tho: s Tho: Jewet, Saltmarsh
17111210 [Blank] (Unknown) Saltmarsh Jewit [blank] w to Tho: Jewit, Saltmarsh
17120102 Sarah Sarah Saltmarsh Jewit 2 Jan 1711/2. Sarah d Tho: Jewit, Saltmarshe
17121004 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewitt Tho: s. Simon Jewitt, Saltmarsh
17160207 Jane Jane Saltmarsh Jewitt 7 Feb 1715/6. Jane d Tho: Jewitt, Saltmarsh, butcher
17160905 Hannah Hannah Saltmarsh Jewit Hannah dau: Tho: Jewit, Saltmarsh
17161227 Simon Simon Saltmarsh Jewit
17191207 Jane Jane Skelton Jewitt
17191210 Thomas Thomas West Linton Jewitt Mr Tho. Jewitt, West Linton
17220425 Ann Ann Saltmarsh Jewet Ann d Simon Jewet, Saltmarsh
17230716 Mary Mary Saltmarsh Jewet Mary d. Simon Jewet, Saltmarsh
17240925 John John Saltmarsh Jewitt John s Simon Jewitt, Saltmarsh
17300621 Lewis Lewis Saltmarsh Jewet Lewis s to Tho: Jewet, Saltmarsh
17301201 John John Saltmarsh Jewett John s Tho. Jewett, Saltmarsh
17331125 Joseph Joseph Skelton Jewett Joseph s to Joseph Jewett, Skelton
17350711 Mary Mary Laxton Jewett Mary D to Thomas Jewett of Laxton
17360531 Elizabeth Elizabeth Skelton Jewitt Elizabeth d to Joseph Jewitt of Skelton
17370409 Joseph Joseph Skelton Jewitt Husbandman
17370818 Elin: Eleanor West Linton Jewitt Elin: W to Mr Thomas Jewitt West Linton
17371018 John John Saltmarsh Jewitt John s Thomas Jewitt, Saltmarsh
17380301 Thomas Thomas West Linton Jewitt 1 Mar 1737/8. Mr Thomas Jewitt of West Linton.
17400715 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewitt Butcher
17420928 John John Saltmarsh Jewitt John s Thomas Jewitt, Saltmarsh
17421012 Alice Alice Saltmarsh Jewitt Alice d of Thomas Jewitt of Saltmarsh
17460501 Joseph Joseph Saltmarsh Jewitt Joseph s. of Joseph Jewitt of Saltmarsh
17531004 Hannah Hannah Howden Jewett Hannah d to Joseph Jewett of Howden
17570617 Jane Jane Howden Jewitt Jane d to Joseph Jewitt of Howden
17580806 Mary Mary Saltmarsh Jewitt Mary Jewitt of Saltmarsh wife to Simon Jewitt
17610421 Thomas Thomas Balkholme Jewitt Thomas s to Edward Jewitt of Balkholme
17640414 Mary Mary Yokefleet Jewitt w Lewis Jewitt, Yokefleet
17640529 Thomas Thomas Yokefleet Jewitt Thomas s to Lewis Jewitt, Yokefleet
17670412 Joseph Joseph Yokefleet Jewitt Joseph son to Lewis Jewitt of Yokefleet
17711227 Arthur Arthur Howden Jewitt
17750311 John John Yokefleet Jewett John s to Lewis Jewett, Yoakfleet
17770515 Ellin Ellen Saltmarsh Jewitt W of Thomas Jewitt of Saltmarsh, buried at Laxton
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