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Jewitt Burials at Howden 1600 - 1700

Date Given name (s) Common name of Surname Notes
16010220 Edward Edward Laxton Jewet 20 Feb 1600/1
16050921 Cicilie Cicely Laxton Jewet Cicilie d to Edward Jewet of laxt.
16091118 Grace Grace Saltmarsh Jewet Grace wif to John Jewet of saltm'sh
16091129 Robert Robert Saltmarsh Jewet Robt s to John Jewet of Saltm'sh
16091213 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewet
16150408 Elizabeth Elizabeth Saltmarsh Jewett Spinster
16151224 Jennett Janet Saltmarsh Jewett Jennett d to Robt Jewett of Saltmarsh
16161025 Alison Alison Saltmarsh Jewett
16161222 Dorothie Dorothy Saltmarsh Jewett Dorothie wif to Robt. Jewett of Saltm'sh
16180329 John John Saltmarsh Jewett
16190912 Edward Edward Balkholme Jewett Edward s to Edward Jewett of Balkh.
16191217 George George Saltmarsh Jewett
16200126 Grace Grace Balkholme Jewett 26 Jan 1619/20. Grace d. to Edward Jewett of Balkholme
16210914 An Ann Balkholme Jewett An d. to Edward Jewett of Balkholme
16251125 Thomas Thomas Balkholme Jewett Thoms s to Edward Jewett of balkholme
16270901 (Unknown) (Unknown) Saltmarsh Jewett A s. to Thoms Jewett of saltm'sh
16270903 (Unknown) (Unknown) Saltmarsh Jewett A s. to Thoms Jewett of saltm'sh
16270919 An Ann Saltmarsh Jewett An wif to Thomas Jewett of Saltm'sh
16290426 An Ann Laxton Jewett Widow
16291114 Marie Mary Saltmarsh Jewett Marie d to Thoms. Jewett of saltm'sh
16300908 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewitt Thoms s to Thoms Jewitt of Saltm'sh
16301013 Isabell Isobel Balkholme Jewitt Isabel d to Edward Jewitt of Balkholme
16330606 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewett Thomas s to John Jewett of Saltmarsh
16340103 Margaret Margaret Saltmarsh Jewett 3 Jan 1633/4. Margaret wife of Robt Jewett of Saltmarsh
16370802 Grace Grace Saltmarsh Jewett Grace d to Thoms Jewett of saltm'sh, junr.
16380603 An Ann Saltmarsh Jewett An d to Thoms Jewett of saltm'sh, junr.
16380830 George George Saltmarsh Jewett George s to Robt Jewett of Saltm'sh
16381130 Marie Mary Saltmarsh Jewett Widow
16390417 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewett Thomas s to John Jewitt of Saltmarsh
16391110 John John Saltmarsh Jewett John s to Thomas Jewett of Saltmarsh
16400310 Robert Robert Saltmarsh Jewett 10 Mar 1639/40
16400802 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewett
16420110 An Ann Saltmarsh Jewett 10 Jan 1641/2. An wife to Edward Jewett of Kilpin
16420505 Peter Peter Saltmarsh Jewett Peter s to John Jewett of Saltmarsh
16420706 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewett Thoms s to Thoms Jewett of Saltmarsh
16441120 Edward Edward Kilpin Jewit
16480107 Robert Robert Saltmarsh Jewett
16540804 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewit Thomas Jewit of Saltmarsh th'elder
16571008 John John Saltmarsh Juit
16620304 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewit 4 Mar 1661/2. Thomas s of Thomas Jewit of Saltmarsh
16631114 Thomas Thomas Saltmarsh Jewitt Thomas s of Thomas Jewitt of Saltmarsh
16640821 Mary Mary Saltmarsh Jewitt Mary d. John Jewitt of Saltmarsh
16700504 Anne Ann Jewitt Anne d. to John Jewitt
16710329 Katherine Catherine Skelton Jewitt Katherine w to John Jewitt of Skel:
16710520 William William Cottness Duit
16730212 Robert Robert Saltmarsh Juit 12 Feb 1672/3. Robert s Tho: Juit Saltmarch
16730516 Katherine Catherine Skelton Juitt Katherine w. of John Juitt of Skelton
16750202 Elizabeth Elizabeth Saltmarsh Juitt 2 Feb 1674/5
16770115 Mary Mary Skelton Juit 15 Jan 1676/7. Mary w Tho: Juit, Skelt.
16780907 Petronel Petronella Skelton Juit Petronel W. John Juit Sk.
16810211 George George Saltmarsh Jewitt 11 Feb 1680/1. Geo: s to Tho: Jewitt, Saltmarsh
16821108 Elizabeth Elizabeth Saltmarsh Jewett Eliz: w to Tho: Jewett of Saltmarsh
16830905 Dinis Denis Saltmarsh Jewett Dinis, s. to Dinis Jewett, Saltmarsh
16840103 John John Saltmarsh Jewett 3 Jan 1683/4
16840618 Hellen Helen Skelton Jewitt Hellen w. to Thomas Jewitt of Skelton
16840716 Mary Mary Saltmarsh Jewett Mary w. to Peter Jewett, Saltmarsh
16851201 Ann Ann Saltmarsh Jewett Ann w. to Tho: Jewett, Saltmarsh
16860109 Elizabeth Elizabeth Saltmarsh Jewett 9 Jan 1685/6. Eliz: d to Thomas Jewett, Saltmarsh
16860117 Mary Mary Saltmarsh Jewett 17 Jan 1685/6. Mary d. to Tho: Jewett, Saltmarsh
16911226 John John Saltmarsh Jewitt
16930202 Elizabeth Elizabeth Jewett 2 Feb 1692/3. Eliz. d to Dennis Jewett
16940130 Dorathy Dorothy Saltmarsh Jewett 30 Jan 1693/4. Dorath: w. to Tho: Jewett Salt:
16960909 Thomas Thomas Skelton Jewitt
16970903 Ann Ann Saltmarsh Jewett Ann d. to Dennis Jewett, Salt:
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