Jowett Wills in Yorkshire 1700 - 1749

The following is a list of all Jowett etc. wills for the period 1700 - 1749 listed in the Probate indexes of the Prerogative and Exchequer Courts of York which are held at the Borthwick Institute in York.

Date Given name (s) Surname variant Of Notes
17000219 Jeremiah Jowett Bowling, Pontefract D Will, 62A/73
17000507 William Jowitt Baildon, Ainsty D Admon
17000528 Jacob Jowitt Rawdon, Guiseley, Ainsty D Admon
17040222 Robert Jowith Newhall, Bilborough Ainsty D Admon
17040720 Peter Jewet Thornton, Pontefract D Will
17040800 Dennis Jewitt Saltmarsh Butcher. Will/Inventory/Bond
17070200 Peter Jewitt Saltmarsh Will/Inventory/Bond
17091102 William Jowett Bolton, Calverley, Ainsty D Will, 66/89
17100227 Jacob Jowett Newstead, Ryther, Ainsty D Admon
17100328 Eleanor Jowett Manningham, Bradford, Pontefract D Admon
17111100 Henry Jowett Sheffield, Doncaster D
17131100 Samuel Jowett Idle, Pontefract D 20 April 1713, Will and Inventory of Samuel Jowett of Idle, yeoman
17140300 John Jowett Manningham, Bradford, Pontefract D Mar 1713/14
17150500 Benjamin Jowett Manningham, Bradford, Pontefract D
17160800 Ezra Jowett Thornton, Pontefract D
17170700 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Will/Inventory/Bond
17200600 Ann Jewitt Saltmarsh Tuition, daughter of Simon
17200600 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Tuition for Children Simon and Ann
17200600 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Tuition, son of Simon
17200900 Thomas Jewitt Saltmarsh, Howden prog
17220700 Paul Jowett Burley, Ainsty D
17240900 Jane Jowett Bradford, Pontefract D
17280200 Jonas Jowett Thornton, Pontefract D Feb 1727/8
17280500 Martha Jowett Horton, Pontefract D
17280500 Sarah Jowett Horton, Pontefract D
17290600 Michael Jewett Bolton, Pontefract D
17290600 William Jowett Moorston, Ainsty D
17330700 John Jowet Oxenhope, Pontefract D
17330700 Jonas Jowet Pudsey, Calverley, Pontefract D
17330900 John Jewitt Seacroft, Thorner, Ainsty D
17340900 Nathan Jowet Eccleshill, Bradford, Pontefract D 1 May 1734, Nathan Jowett the younger of Eccleshill, yeoman
17360500 James Jowett Farr Oxenhope, Haworth, Pontefract D
17370500 Joseph Jewitt Skelton Inventory/Bond
17370600 Ezra Jowet Clayton, Bradford, Pontefract D
17380300 Thomas Jewitt West Linton Gent. Will/Inventory/Bond
17380700 Joshua Jowet Clayton, Bradford, Pontefract D
17401200 Nathan Jowet Eccleshill, Bradford, Pontefract D
17410700 Richard Jowitt Holbeck, Leeds, Ainsty D
17421100 Edward Jewitt Barlow Lane End, par. Hemingbrough Yeoman. Will/Inventory/Bond
17430600 Walter Jowett Leeds, Ainsty D
17431200 Samuel Jowet Baildon, Ainsty D
17450300 Benjamin Jowit Thorner, Ainsty D
17470100 John Jouiett Holbeck, Leeds, Ainsty D Jan 1746/7
17480600 John Jowett Horden, Bingley, Craven D
17490500 David Jowett Maningham, Bradford, Pontefract D
17490600 Agnes Jowet Haworth, Pontefract D
17490600 Jonathan Jowet Haworth, Pontefract D Son of John Jowet of Haworth
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