Jowett Wills in Yorkshire 1830-1858

The following is a list of all Jowett etc. wills for the period 1830 - 1858 listed in the Probate indexes of the Prerogative and Exchequer Courts of York which are held at the Borthwick Institute in York.

Date Given name (s) Surname variant Of Notes
18300100 Benjamin Jowitt Carleton, Pontefract D 1828, Benjamin Jowitt of Carleton
18310800 Thomas Jowett Rotherham Bachelor. prog
18311000 James Jowett Thornton, Bradford, Pontefract D 1831, James Jowett of Thornton
18311100 James Jewett Marston, Ainsty D
18311100 Mary Jowett Little Horton, pa Bradford, Pontefract D
18311200 John Jowett Pontefract Park prog
18320300 William Jowett Chatt Hill, Bradford, Pontefract D
18320600 Joseph Jowett Wilsden, Bradford, Pontefract D
18320600 Nathan Jowett Thornton, Bradford, Pontefract D
18320900 John Jowett Halifax, Pontefract D
18330500 Jonathan Jewitt Arkindale prog
18330500 Thomas Jowett Wilsden, pa Bradford, Pontefract D 1832, Thomas Jowett of Wilsden
18330600 William Jewitt Beverley, Harthill D Formerly of Clementhorpe, pa Blacktoft
18330700 Jonas Jowett Northowram, pa Halifax, Pontefract D 1833, Jonas Jowett of Northowram, weaver
18330700 Thomas Jewett Knottingley prog
18330700 William Jowett Keighley, Craven D
18330800 Jonas Jowett Northowram, Halifax, Pontefract D
18331100 William Jowett Eccleshall, Bradford, Pontefract D
18340400 John Jewitt Tadcaster prog
18340400 Joshua Jowett Thornton, Bradford, Pontefract D Joshua Jowett the younger
18340500 Jonathan Jowett Haworth, Pontefract D
18340800 Jonas Jowett Worsborough, pa Darfield, Doncaster D
18341100 Jonas Jowett Clayton, Pontefract D 1834, Jonas Jowett of Clayton, stone mason
18350300 Sarah Jewitt New Village, par Howden Widow. Bond/Rec. Doc.
18360200 Jonas Jewitt Thornton, pa Bradford, Pontefract D 22 August 1837, John Jowett of Thornton, woolstapler
18380700 William Jewitt Sheffield Park, Doncaster D
18381000 Joshua Jowitt Thornton, pa Bradford, Pontefract D
18390700 John Jowitt Huddersfield, Pontefract D
18390800 Joseph Jowett Wilsden, pa Bradford
18391000 John Jewitt York, York City D
18400700 Sarah Jowett Bradford prog
18430200 Thomas Jowett Hunslet, Leeds, Ainsty D
18430400 James Jowett Leeds prog
18430600 Thomas Jowett Wilsden, Bradford, Pontefract D 1842, Thomas Jowett of Wilsden, weaver
18431200 Nathan Jowett Bradford, Pontefract D
18440400 John Jowett Skipton prog
18440400 Joseph Jowett Idle, Calverley, Pontefract
18440600 James Jowett Eccleshill, Bradford, Pontefract D
18441000 Jonas Jowett Sike Top, Ovenden, Halifax, Pontefract D
18441100 Joseph Jowett Silsden, Kildwick, Craven D
18450300 John Jewitt Bolton upon Dearne prog
18450400 Henry Jowitt Huddersfield
18450700 William Jowett Lowmoor, Bradford, Pontefract D
18451000 Charles Jewitt New Malton, Ryedale D
18460300 Peter Jowett Eldwick, pa Bingley, Craven D
18460600 Ruth Jowett Leeds prog
18460800 Jonathan Jowett Clayton, Bradford, Pontefract D
18461000 Mary Jowett Bingley, Craven D
18470100 Grace Jowitt Leeds, Ainsty D
18470600 John Jowitt Leeds prog
18480100 Robert Crewsden Jowitt Leeds, Ainsty D
18480200 Benjamin Jowett Ovenden, Halifax, Pontefract D
18480600 Ruth Jowett Wilsden, Bradford prog
18480700 Jane Jowett Carlton, Pontefract prog
18490500 John Jowett Masbrough, Rotherham, Doncaster D
18490900 Joshua Jowett Cleckheaton, Birdsall, Pontefract
18490900 William Jowett Wilsden, Bradford prog
18500100 Edward Jowitt Eltofts prog
18500600 Mary Jowett Eldwick, Bingley, Craven D
18500800 John Jowett Keighley, Craven D
18510400 Thomas Jowitt Chapel Allerton, Leeds prog
18510500 Christopher Jowitt Huddersfield, Pontefract D
18510700 Samuel Jowett Bradford, Pontefract D
18520400 Mary Jowett Bingley, Craven D
18530800 James Jowett Sheepridge, Huddersfield, Pontefract D
18530900 Peter Jowett Baildon, Otley, Ainsty D
18540500 Edward Jewitt West Cottingwith prog. Son of John Jewitt of Cottingwith (q.v.)
18540500 John Jewitt West Cottingwith prog. Father of Edward Jewitt of Cottingwith (q.v.)
18560700 James Jowett Longcroft Place, Bradford, Pontefract D
18561000 Sarah Jowett Halifax, Pontefract D
18570400 Joshua Jowett Bradford prog
18570700 William Jewitt Knottingley, Pontefract D
18571000 Thomas Jowett Bradford, Pontefract D
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