Jowett Wills in Yorkshire 1750 - 1799

The following is a list of all Jowett etc. wills for the period 1750 - 1799 listed in the Probate indexes of the Prerogative and Exchequer Courts of York which are held at the Borthwick Institute in York. They cover most of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire

Date Given name (s) Surname variant Of Notes
17500100 Jeremy Jowet Wilsden, Bradford, Pontefract D Jan 1749/50
17520000 John Jewitt Selby South Cave Peculiar
17540300 Elizabeth Jewett Hull, Holderness D
17540300 John Jowett Thornton, Bradford, Pontefract D
17540800 Samuel Jowett Idle, Calverley, Pontefract D
17550300 Cornelius Jowett Wilsden, Bradford, Pontefract D
17560800 Richard Jowet Holbeck, Leeds, Ainsty D
17580200 John Jowatt Scarborough, Dickering D
17580800 Sarah Jowett Rawcliffe, Calverley, Pontefract D
17610300 Walter Jowett Leeds, Ainsty D
17611100 Susannah Jowett Allerton, Bradford, Pontefract D
17620200 Joseph Jowett Leeds, Ainsty D Merchant
17630900 Elizabeth Jowett Rastrick, Halifax, Pontefract D
17670500 Richard Jowitt Hunslet, Leeds, Ainsty D
17680000 Thomas Jewett South Cave Husbandman. South Cave Peculiar
17731200 Joseph Jowett Bramley, Leeds, Ainsty D
17740400 Samuel Jowett Clockhouse, Bradford, Pontefract D Gent
17740400 Sarah Jowett Holbeck, Leeds, Ainsty D Widow
17770500 James Jowett Rawdon, Guiseley, Ainsty D
17770600 Thomas Jewitt Kirk Ella., Harthill D
17780600 Edward Jewitt Staddlethorpe, par. Blacktoft Farmer. Will/Invemtory/Bond
17810000 John Jewet Little Fenton Will/Inventory/Bond. Fenton Peculiar
17810900 Thomas Jewitt Rillington, Buckrose D
17820600 Thomas Jowitt Sheffield, Doncaster D
17820900 William Jowet Knaresbrough prog
17830100 John Jowett Holbeck, Leeds, Ainsty D
17830400 Jonas Jowett Horton, Bradford, Pontefract D
17840900 John Jowitt Batley, Pontefract D
17870200 John Jewitt Saltmarsh Yeoman. Will/Declaration
17871100 Jeremiah Jowett Ovenden, Halifax, Pontefract D
17880200 Peter Jewitt Owsthorpe, par. Eastrington Will/Inventory
17890300 Richard Jewitt West Linton Esq. Will/Inventory
17900100 Nathan Jowett Clockhouse, pa Bradford prog
17900800 Simon Jewitt Saltmarsh Gent. Will/Inventory
17900900 William Jowett Ledston, pa Ledsham, Ainsty D
17930200 Ann Jowett Bramley, Leeds, Ainsty D Widow
17930700 Thomas Jewitt Newsome, pa Wressle, Harthill D
17931200 Jeremy Jowett Haworth, pa Bradford, Pontefract D
17941000 Thomas Jowett Haxby prog
17950400 Joseph Jewitt Hull prog
17950800 Samuel Jewett Selby prog
17970600 William Jowett Pontefract, Pontefract D
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